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Win an ASOS Voucher and Get Your Autumn Wardrobe

What’s the worst season in the world? AUTUMN IS! I’m freezing my tits off here. And my tan is fading. And look at all those…


asos giveaway

What’s the worst season in the world? AUTUMN IS! I’m freezing my tits off here. And my tan is fading. And look at all those dead leaves falling off the tree.

I’m not a fan of this non-season. But what I am a fan of, is new dresses and other clothing type items that keep me warm.

asos giveaway

ASOS have been adding warmer items to through site and to help us all feel better about the death of summer, I’m going to give away a £25 gift voucher to one of you.

Entry is easy. Just enter via the rafflecopter below.

  • UK only.
  • Ends: 21th October 2015.

Good luck!

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  1. Looking forward to the clothes is a positive way to welcome Autumn. At the moment i am running out of clothes with my expanding bump and also have no jacket. With only seven weeks left it is difficult, do you buy one knowing that the wear will be limited? Or freeze. Joking definitely going to have to buy one Lucy x

  2. I know this sounds really boring but I would probably buy a long line cardigan I’ve had my eye on by Pink Clove. Unless it’s gone in which case I will be having a tantrum hehe.

  3. Autumn isn’t my favourite season either, but I prefer it to winter. I hate the cold!

    I’d be torn between getting a cosy jumper to keep me warm, or some tighter long sleeved t-shirts for layering that I can tuck into a pair of jeans 🙂

  4. I would get some Farleigh jeans, I think they look so cool but comfy! Make a nice change to skinnies too x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  5. It’s always good to look for the positive in something you don’t like, such as new clothes in chillier months! ASOS is a great shop and I’ll be getting so many outfits there this year 🙂

    Gabrielle Isabella x

  6. Definitely need a new coat for the morning when I leave for work and you open the door and jump back in out of the cold/rain/wind/all of the above ……..

  7. Asos is where I buy all my clothes and shoes. Everything in one place and no time to go shopping.
    I’d treat myself & out it toward new boots 🙂

  8. I’m on the hunt for a fine knit jumper. Something that will just take the edge off the chill in the air.

  9. I like the Catarzi hats they have on there- always love a new hat, so I’d probably go for that. Or an Emily and Fin dress. Or some funky tights- I like SO many pairs of ASOS tights!x

  10. A jumper for my son who suddenly seems to have grown into an adult. Pity his clothes didn’t grow with him!

  11. I would get a new pair of comfy shoes, With xmas coming and 2 kids under 5 my shoes are at the bottom of the shopping list 🙁

  12. I’m trying to lose weight. 1/2 Stone gone so far. So hopefully something that isn’t in the ASOS Curve range (As lovely as the range is!) maybe a nice dress to show off my new figure.

  13. There are so many things I would want. Probably a Chi chi dress, a new jumper or a scarf, gloves and hat xx

  14. They’ve got a fantastic range of oversized scarfs. I would buy several and put the voucher towards the total cost.

  15. Oooh I love Autumn… but that may be because I live in a seaside town and it’s when all the holiday makers go home and I can enjoy my hometown again in peace! 🙂 Love the burnt orange dress!! x

  16. I would buy any new clothes, I haven’t been clothes shopping since December! Maybe use it to start changing up my style as I feel like I’m becoming a bit ‘mumsy’ and i don’t even have kids yet!! :/ x

  17. I’d definitely treat myself to a new dress! Been wearing leggings and mum-clothes for so long, I desperately need something girlie!

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