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  I just treated myself to a new gold iPad mini for my holiday in TWO DAYS! Which gave me the idea to have a…


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I just treated myself to a new gold iPad mini for my holiday in TWO DAYS! Which gave me the idea to have a #socialbloggers chat on tablets!

It seems everyone has tablets nowadays. They’ve become as common as having a landline.. or maybe even more common. I don’t have a landline phone, do you?

It’s weird how the world changes.

My first iPad was an iPad3, the first to have retina display. I used it mostly for watching Netflix in bed and I’ve taken it on many holidays where it’s kept me entertained. I’ve also read a few books on there. I must have had it 5 years now it still has a great battery life – the only thing that lets it down is that it’s only 8GB, which might have been enough when I first got it, but now apps and operating systems have got a bit bulkier and it’s taking it’s toll on my poor iPad3!

I’ve set up my new iPad with my favourite apps, 5 books and I’m ready to take it on holiday and use it to read and keep connected with you guys on social media while I’m gone.

I’ve got a post scheduled for every day while I’m gone, so there’ll still be content for you to brows.

Noor will be hosting the next two Twitter chats – if I get the chance, I’ll do a round up while I’m away – but I’ve scheduled another post on the next two Mondays just in case!

Tell me about your tablets and how you use them 🙂




Just wanted to let you all know that I’m running a competition over on my fitness blog to win a Fitbit and Lumia trial, as well as a personalised gift depending on your entry.

All you need to do is upload a fitness related picture between the 23rd August and 6th September on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #mobilefitnesschallenage.

It’s international so anyone can enter!


Q1: Do you have a tablet? Which one/why not?

Q2: What are your favourite apps? #socialbloggers



Q3: What do you use your tablet for most? #socialbloggers


Q4: What are your must have accessories? #socialbloggers

Q5: If you could have any feature/app, what would it be? #socialbloggers





  1. I have a Samsung Tablet and an Ipad so I use both Samsung I enjoy reading books audio book and pinterest my Ipad I use for answering business email and do more work related on that one. I also use it to watch netflix when I’m traveling.

  2. Have a lovely holiday sweetie, I love your personalised tablet, I actually don’t own a tablet I mainly use my laptop & phone 😀 but I have my eyes on buying a mini ipad 🙂

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet I bought about 2 years ago and honestly, I hardly use it. I intended to use it to write on the go, especially on lunch breaks in work, after my Netbook died but it never panned out too well. I found it difficult to type on and having it WiFi only meant I couldn’t really do anything online away from the house. I really do want to use it more but my lunch breaks are the only chance I get to read these days so I’m reluctant to give that up! Seems like such a waste for it to just be sitting there though!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. We have a iPad 2 and we only use it for games and nothing more. We’re not huge on it to be honest. And thank you so much for the fitness challenge competition! I might join! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Interesting chat surprised at how many people say that their iPad is collecting dust. I guess with some phones now that are more like pads they don’t need both Lucy x

  6. I’ve got this AWFUL school tablet! We were given them over a year ago, maybe 2 and I hATE it- I hate Windows 8 and so I virtually never use it!

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