Princess Crown Ring from Jeulia

jeulia review


I’ve not heard of the website Jeulia before, but when they e-mailed me to ask if I’d pick one of their pieces to review, I couldn’t help but be taken back by the beautiful black diamond jewellery on there.

After scrolling through the library and being really tempted to pick one of the black diamond sets – I just couldn’t bring myself to get something that’s intended as an engagement ring. Not even I’m that desperate. Yet.

In the end, I let my inner Disney Princess decide, and went for this silver crown ring.

I’m in love with it! Though I do wish I had picked a smaller size! I don’t have a clue what my ring sizes are, so I opted for the middle size thinking that would be okay, it fits my index finger okay but it’s probably too loose for my middle one! Doom me and my tiny hands.

I’ve been wearing it on my index finger though and still love how it looks!

jeulia review jeulia review jeulia review jeulia review jeulia review



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