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Hi, Media packs are all the rage, lately. I’ve never been asked for a media pack in my life – so they’re not a necessity….




Media packs are all the rage, lately.

I’ve never been asked for a media pack in my life – so they’re not a necessity. Most stats are readily available for PR’s to peruse at their own leisure, such as Domain Authority and the number of followers and comments you have.

I’ve only been asked for my page views a handful of times, and most of this opportunities I’ve ended up declining due to them wanting too much from me.

But as there’s been an increase in bloggers wanting media packs for their own blogs, I wanted to make an easy tutorial to show you have to make a basic one.

This will be in two parts, today will be the information you might want to include and tomorrow will be how to create it.

This is going to be a very basic media pack – to allow anyone to make one with no background knowledge.

Your Blog Media Pack // The information.

Let’s gather together some of the information you might want to put in your media pack:

A blurb about you:

You want to have a short introduction about yourself which gives anyone reading an insight of what you and your blog is about.

You can write in either first or third person – I prefer to write in first person.

I’ve matched mine up to what I usually send in a pitch:

I’m Corinne, a 29 year old lifestyle blogger from West Yorkshire, UK. I’m mildly addicted to exercise, slightly addicted to Harry Potter and Disney and have an aggressive dress problem. I’m very active within the blogging community and run the Saturday night Twitter chat #socialbloggers. I also spoke on a blogging panel at Web We Want Fest in April 2015.

A blurb about the blog:

This is a bit more about your blog, when it started, why it started and what your blog about.

I started in December 2013 with the goal of showing the world my dresses. Since then, I’ve moved from fashion to lifestyle and post about beauty, travel, self-improvement and general babble about my life.


Here’s a section show off your social outreach. Ensure you only put your followers up for social media sites you use. For example, I have a Pinterest account but log on probably twice a year and have probably less than 50 followers. There’s no point in including it!

Include the date these stats are relevant from.

As of 1st August 2015:

Bloglovin: 1867
Twitter: 3120
Instagram: 1550
Google Plus: 1110
Facebook: 2988


Here’s a section to share your blog views and audience. You should pull this data from Google Analytics, it’s a good idea to use a screen shot.

I’d recommend either using the stats from either the last full calendar month, or an average of the last three months, depending on how often you want to update.

July 2015 Stats from Google Analytics:
Sessions: 10983
Users: 9198
Pageviews: 15686
DA: 36


18-34 year old females from UK and the US.

Ways that you work with brands:


I’m willing to review products from brands that I see fit with my blog and would be of interest to my audience. I aim to post reviews within 7 days of the product arriving, unless it’s a product that may need a longer period of testing such as skincare. If I’m expected to work within a timeframe or given a brief, a further free may be charged.

Sponsored post:

I’m happy to write sponsored posts that fit within the theme of my blog. All sponsored posts will be declared as so and will be written in my own words.


I host giveaways on my blog. Giveaways will be ran using the Rafflecopter plug in and will be in line with the ASA guidelines.


I have a number of advertising spots on I am open to offering a discount for multiple months.

Feel free to add any other information in your media pack that might be relevant, such has brands you’ve worked with, things you’re proud of or any blog goals you have.

Now you’ve got your information ready, come back tomorrow to see how to put it all together in a graphic.



  1. I made a press kit about a year ago, but I never really had to use it.. These are great tips nevertheless!

    Bella Pummarola

  2. these are great tips! I was just looking into this a few weeks ago. I do have a question though: what can you do in terms of statistics when you have a blog? It doesn’t allow to use Google Analytics… I can hardly find any further info aside for page views and visitors (and even then, I wonder if they’re reliable numbers! – the WP ones tends to be lower than Google Analytics for some reason). Do you have any tips on this? Thank you!

    1. Hey – I can’t say I’m too familiar with, though the stats I got from my wordpress and Google Analytics are pretty similar in terms of page views. Without looking into it further, I personally would just put your page views from wordpress and stat that’s where you pulled the data from. It might be worth looking into going self hosted though, I only pay £3 a month for all three of my sites and it opens up a whole new world of things in terms of tools and customisation!

      1. Thanks, good call! I’ve been thinking of this self-hosting thing for months now.. Ah, got to sit down and weigh down the pros and cons. Thanks for your help!

  3. I resisted having one for ages but then when I started loved butting one together. All great tips, make sure you PDF it Lucy x

  4. Great information and I agree Pinterest does not grow but I really enjoy pinning than having follower their I do get my pin repin over 200 times and I laugh when someone follow than drop you because you did not follow back.

  5. Such a useful post. At the moment I don`t think I need one, but if the moment comes it`s good to know what to include and what not.

  6. I have noticed the recent rage about media pack too but like you, I almost never get asked for stats with the exception of a couple of times. Great tip though, Corinne.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I’ve been thinking about putting a media pack together for a while now, but was unsure where to start or what to include. This will be a great help, thank you! No I’ve just got to be confident and write one!

  8. Such a helpful post, Corinne. I have a short media pack but I hadn’t included DA, I should probably add it now that MOZ have done their update!

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