Getting ready for the rain with Rieker Boots


Grr, have you seen the weather lately? We have literally been getting battered in the UK. The sky has been stropping in full force – sending down lashings of rain over the UK. It’s been heavy, it’s been loud, it’s been a terrible reminder that summer is coming to an end and the horrible seasons are coming.

Oh, I know, most people LOVE autumn, but not me. Autumn is nothing but an annoying part of nothingness in between the wonderful sun and Santa. I don’t like wind, rain, dark nights and all the flowers die, all the leaves die and fall off the trees and it’s just not an inspiring or fun time for me at all!

Ok, this is depressing.

Anyway, getting ready for this awful weather, we need to get our footwear sorted. I’ve been coverting Rieker Boots lately.  I’ve never heard of Rieker before but I actually really love the look of these. I don’t usually like boots and find them pretty boring.. but these are just.. pretty.

The first pair and stunning and I’m so tempted to buy them. They’re well cute 🙂

Which ones are your favourite?



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