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A Night at the Arcade

I decided a few weeks go to start having more fun. Start saying yes more, spending more time with friends and making me some memories….


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I decided a few weeks go to start having more fun. Start saying yes more, spending more time with friends and making me some memories.

With that in mind, I asked one of my friends, Donna, who I went to uni with and lived with for a number of years, if she would like to date me.

Of course she was like OMG I WUD LUV TO DATE YOU.

So the deal was made.

I drove to her house and picked her up from Bradford and we drove to Leeds to visit Lilly’s sister.

For those of you who don’t know – Lilly is my old housemate – I lived with her up until July and now she has gone travelling. Lilly has been gone for about 5 weeks now and Donna and I thought it would be nice to visit her sister and her little boy before we went on our date. So that is what we did. We also petted the dogs. Woo.


This is my beautiful straight hair before I set off, then it turned into a frizzy mess after a bit of rain got involved. Sad.

By the time we left Lilly’s sisters, it was 7pm so we decided we were HUNGRY. I dropped my car off at my house and ordered a taxi.

My housemate recently left her chef job and started working at Almost Famous, a burger bar in Leeds.

bowl2 bowl3 bowl5

We shared a bottle of white wine and ordered our food. I got the Brittany Murphy burger which is a cheese based veggie burger and it was delicious. Best veggie burger I’ve ever had.

I found out the next day that my housemate had made it. Woo. Thanks, Bae.

After food and wine, we made our way down to the bowling ally at the Merrion centre for a few games of bowling.

Oh man, it was hilarious. To be honest, the place is really run down and I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a date or a nice night out, but for a laugh it’s good enough.

You don’t even need to wear bowling shoes and when we requested them – because, like WE LOVE BOWLING SHOES – but they had none in our size. So Donna asked for the size down and they gave her white trainers.

Like a said, the place is run down but only £3 a game after 9pm and a bottle of wine is a tenner – so you can’t grumble!

bowl6 bowl7

Donna won the first game and then she taught me how to bowl properly in my last two goes I was sticking the wrong fingers in the holes! (that’s what she said!)


At the bowling place, there’s also some arcade games and we decided that we would go on every single game. So that’s what we did.

First up was air hockey. It started out really well for me, then I lost.


We tried to win toys on the grabber machine, but came away empty handed and also played basket ball hoops.


We played a car racing game and I got a high score! I’m YYYXXXX, incase you’re wondering 😉


We then played a good old shooting game. Pow pow.


Then we played Mario Cart and I came first!


Lastly, we got blown away in the hurricane machine 🙂


After we left, we decided to go for a drink somewhere. We went to a really nice pub called The Decanter. I had a red velvet cocktail and it was the nicest drink I’ve ever had!

bowl15 bowl16

I think we got home about 2am, which is a really late night for me in my old age 😀


How do you spend time with your friends?




  1. Sounds like the yes is working wonders, looks like. Fun night out. What on earth is a hurricane machine? The burgers and cocktails to finish the night look lovely Lucy x

    1. It’s amazing! It simulates a hurricane so it’s basically wind blowing in your face and you can’t breathe. My idea of fun 😉

  2. This looks like such a fun night out! I haven’t been bowling in ages. I agree though, its so important to go out and have fun with friends… life is short and all that jazz 😉

    Ash | Liakada

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I like to have a picnic with my friends or to go to events with them 🙂 x

  4. I sympathize for your hair Corinne, mine has been a frizzy mess all week with the muggy weather upto today

  5. Sounds like a really fun night out! How funny there were no bowling shoes, that would be an interesting place to visit, especially if you were wearing heels haha! Maybe you need to plan your shoes in advance 😉

    What’s the hurricane machine? I’ve never heard of that arcade game!

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂 I love air hockey, but my husband never wants to play with me :/

    Bella Pummarola

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