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What’s in my Summer bag?

summer handbag essentials

Summer is here. My Facebook feed has been hot mess full of people talking about how hot it is. Some love it, others don’t.

I love it. I’d happily take summer over any other season. I know a lot of people love autumn, but it’s too wet. Spring is great for outdoor exercise, but it’s not quite warm enough for going out in sundresses. Winter would be wonderful if we got a winter wonderland. But it’s usually just.. wet.

Anyway around this time I like to de-clutter and make sure I’m not hoarding useless things while I’m wandering around Leeds basking in the glorious sun.

I don’t know about you, but my handbag quickly starts to resemble a rubbish bag. Stuffed with receipts, 10 lipsticks I never use and loose change. So I like to empty it fully and just put back things I might need.

summer handbag essentials

My Summer Handbag Essentials

Blister plasters.

Blisters always form at the worst time. If you’ve not had chance to bed in your new favourite stilettos, or you’re on your feet for a long time, grab some Compeed blister plasters to speed up the heeling process and ease the pain.

A mirror.

How many times have you gone to the bathroom and realised you’ve got your dinner in your teeth and down your chin? While asking your friends to check your teeth is an option, you might not always be as comfortable with asking the company you’re in. So keep a compact mirror close by to avoid any embarrassment!


When the sun hits that spot in the sky, it’s impossible to see what’s in front of you. This makes driving quite the ordeal. Or adventure, depending on how you look at it. Keep some sunnies handy in case of emergencies!

Hair ties.

If your mane can turn from a silky, smooth hairstyle to a frizzy, wavy mess just at the sight of water, you might need to re-think your do. Have a supply of hair ties to braid or scoop your hair into a messy pony if it misbehaves. Giddyup.

summer handbag essentials

Hand Cream.

You wash your hands multiple times during the day, this can leave them dry and sore. Keep hand cream in your bag to stop them getting chapped.

Lip balm.

Chapped lips are not only uncomfortable, but can make you feel self-concious. Always have a tub of Vaseline to hand.

Blotting sheets.

Blotting paper can quickly remove excess oil from your skin. If you’re prone to getting a shiny face, you can pick up a pack from most drugstores. Boots have a great one for £3.99 that eliminates bacteria and prevents spots.

Portable charger.

The 10% battery notification-of-doom when you’ve still got hours of your day to go can be a nightmare. Keep a backup charger handy for if you run out of power.

A healthy snack.

If I’m planning on heading straight to the gym after work, I always make sure I’ve got a snack with me. Usually a sports bar or piece of fruit. Work days can just fly by, so getting enough food throughout the day isn’t always possible!

summer handbag essentials

So go on, have a clear out of your handbag and make sure you’re not missing out on any of the essentials!

What are your summer handbag essentials?


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