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#OOTD // Birthday Suit

Dress // Trollied Dolly Shoes // c/o LovelyShoes Sunglasses // c/o The GlassesShop \ On my birthday we went to Lightwater Vally. It was last Thursday…


Trollied Dolly dress

Dress // Trollied Dolly
Shoes // c/o LovelyShoes
Sunglasses // c/o The GlassesShop

\Trollied Dolly Trollied Dolly dress

On my birthday we went to Lightwater Vally. It was last Thursday which was a wonderfully hot day! Before we left, I made Christine snap my outfit on our new street.

I love the Trollied Dolly dress and I think I’ve featured it a few times before. All their dresses are quirky, 50’s style and I always look out for them in the ASOS sale.

I did feel a bit of a dick wearing it to a theme park, especially because I wore this at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the zip broke on one of the rides, which then triggered me to have a meltdown in the middle of Disney World.

There I was in the happiest place on earth, having a fit of rage about how fat I was. Not like I’m dramatic or anything.

This dress did survive though, woo!



  1. I love the colour and the cut, it’s very flattering! I hope the zip breaking didn’t taint your trip to Animal Kingdom, that place is amazing!

  2. You look so lovely! I love this blue colour and the cut of the dress is so flattering 🙂 The zip breaking is definitely not because you are fat girl, you have a lovely figure xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. I love your dress 🙂 I like the bright blue and the floral pattern x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture ♥

  4. Lovely dress, its so nice and summery and it looks really easy to wear too xx

    Mehreen A |

  5. You look Great! This is one of my fave combos to wear, always easy to pull off! I love the print of the dress, it look super pretty and I’m still pining after your street background. ITS SO NICE EEEK! Lovely Post x

  6. Your new street looks very sweet!
    I love all the dresses from Trollied Dolly but would have a heck of a time finding one to fit me at all!

  7. Yay to the dress surviving! LOL! You look great in the dress, Corinne but wow, you’re brave to wear it too a theme park. I would be too worried for the wind or a ride to swoop the dress up and I’ll have a Marilyn moment.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. That print is lovely – I’m very jealous of your theme park trips Corinne.

    Lizzie Dripping

  9. You look really pretty! Definitely love the way you paired the boots and the dress!

  10. When I read the heading I was afraid to scroll down 😉 Great dress, Trollied Dolly make some really nice ones

  11. Glad to hear you had such a lovely birthday! I love that dress you are wearing and it is too cute with your booties!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  12. It’s so pretty (plus TARDIS blue door and TARDIS-blueish dress!). Hope your birthday was lovely.x

  13. Happy belated birthday. This is such a beautiful dress and pleased that your new house has some outdoor space to take lovely pictures Lucy x

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