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Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair Launch

Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair

On my birthday, July 2nd, there were a few blog events. One in particular that I wanted to go to was Paul Mitchell’s blogger event for the launch of some new hair products

I went to Lightwater Valley on my birthday so wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it back in time, but we finished at Lightwater early and I was able to make it!

When we entered the room inside Quebec Hotel, Leeds, we were quickly given a glass of prosecco and a seat. Let the birthday games begin!

Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair

MUA James was demonstrating some products on one of the bloggers – the products were from I brand I’ve never heard of before – New CID Cosmetics.

James talked to us about contorting and how to get the best results. He then allowed us to ask some questions. We were also shown some of the i-glow shimmer powders which are beautiful, pigmented powders. These are now in my wish list.

Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair  DSC_0936

We were also introduced to i-gloss – a lipgloss that lights up so you’re able to apply it using the mirror in nightclubs, or use the light to help you find other things in your bag.


After the make-up demonstration, we were introduced to Paul Mitchell’s biggest range launch of the year – Ultimate Color Repair.

It uses quinoa – which I’ve never known been used in a beauty product before – but maybe it will be the new big thing. Quinoa is rich in amino acids to help protect the hair from the 3 biggest reasons of colour fade:

  • Frequent washing
  • UV exposure
  • Styling with hot tools


We were then left to have a browse at the products, play with various styling tools and mingle.

3 glasses of prosecco later, we left with a goodie bag in hand filled with treats from both Paul Mitchell and New CID Cosmetics.

Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair

Paul Mitchell Ulitmate Color Repair


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