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#OOTD // Giraffe Dress and BIRTHDAY GIRL

Dress // ASOS Shoes // c/o LovelyShoes Bracelets // c/o The Luxury Jewellery Company Necklace // ASOS Sunglass // c/o The GlassesShop Woo. Check this….



Dress // ASOS
Shoes // c/o LovelyShoes
Bracelets // c/o The Luxury Jewellery Company
Necklace // ASOS
Sunglass // c/o The GlassesShop

giraffedress giraffedress2

Woo. Check this. Outdoor photos!

This is my new street. Isn’t it lovely? Cobbled roads and there’s a church just behind it that sounds it bells every hour on the hour. It’s cute. Also, washing lines across the street from house to house! It’s the most adorable place I’ve ever lived.

I’m happy here.

Although the move was much effort. Due to work and Race for Life on Sunday, I didn’t get home until around 4pm as I had a birthday meal with my parents, brother and his heavily (with twins!) pregnant wife.

I packed most things in my room and in the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen. We were up early to collect the keys at 9am and then on to the house! We did a couple of car loads and then made my corner desk. Which was one of the many frustrations of the day. FINALLY managed to get it done and then ended up with only an hour spare to get back to the old house, finish up packing and start bringing things outside for the removal guy.

He came at 3pm and by 4:30pm we had all of our things in the living room of our new house! We then had to back to the house to clean and do one last tip run and car run. Then we were done.

We were done for about 7pm, then nipped to Morrisons and then started to unpack.

We didn’t get a lot done that night, we ordered a takeaway and I was in bed by 10:30! Phew!

When we moved house before, I had my room near enough finished on the day. I spent all Tuesday sorting my room out and another couple of hours on the living room and kitchen. There’s still more to do but it’s my birthday today as we’re going to be out all day.

Well done if you made it through that babble.

I love you all, goodbye.



  1. Congratulations on your new house! Moving is so stressful, I don’t blame you for going to bed so early! We’re moving in August and I’m already dreading it but can’t wait to start renovating the new house. I love your dress too, it’s such a cute print!

  2. Sounds like a lovely location and glad the move went well. The giraffe dress is lovely supper cute. Lucy x

  3. You are my goals right now! I’m so happy you love your new house! You deserve the best!! It looks so pretty and adorable and I have always wanted to live in a place where the washing lines go from house to house! That is literally fairy tale village worthy!! Such a Pretty Post Corinne, hope you have a lovely birthday!! xx

  4. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 Have a lovely day.

    You must be so made up to be in your new place – though it sounds stressful. It’s making me worry about my move… six weeks to go! Does the time go fast? I want to move in so badly now!

    Em xx

  5. Your street is absolutely lovely! & cute outfit! You look very nice! Have a fabulous birthdaaay! Jade x

  6. Happy birthday!!!! xx

    I’m so happy for you for the new house, it’s so important to like where you live.

  7. I love that dress, it is too cute! Happy Birthday dear 🙂
    Also I love to hear church bells, your street looks nice!


  8. moving is exhausting and exciting at the same time! love the cobbled streets! looking for more photos on that street soon 😉

  9. Congrats on the move doll, it sounds wonderful. And very Happy Birthday wishes to you, I hope you enkoy xx

  10. Hope you have a fantastic birthday!! Sounds like you’ve had a busy few days. I absolutely despise moving, it just zaps your energy – I don’t know how you managed to keep on going!!


  11. Glad to hear that you finally moved in! I love cobbled streets, there’s something really calming and just peaceful about them! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress as well! x

  12. Congratulations for your new home and happy belated birthday !
    Your dress is beautiful. Kisses 🙂

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