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Degustabox June // The Picnic Box

Woo! Notice something a bit different? NEW FLOORING! This is the wooden floor in my bedroom in my new house. I hope you like it….


Degustabox June


Notice something a bit different? NEW FLOORING!

This is the wooden floor in my bedroom in my new house. I hope you like it.

Anyway, Degustabox sent me their latest box, which is cleverly named the Picnic box. Great timing on the hottest week of the year! Let’s dig in, then.

Degustabox June

Degustabox June


These carbonated soft drinks are a great alternative to the usually fizzy drinks. They’re a bit posh and make great mixers. You can get them in 4 flavours and each bottle is less than 30 calories.


Degustabox June

Maui & Sons Coconut Water

I love coconut water. It’s a great alternative to sports drinks or pops. I personally like it for hangovers because it has nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes! Woo.

Degustabox June

Enhance for water.

I love these! Small highly concentrated squash. Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of kitchen space and handy to take on holiday. I  usually have these in my room so I can get drinks without having to go downstairs or have a massive bottle of cordial in my room.

Degustabox June

Melba Thins Multigrain

I’ve tried these before, they’re perfect for making light snacks and putting things such as cheese, tuna, salmon, cucumber etc on them. Yummy. I have a post with toppings for crispbread if you want a nosy!


Degustabox June

Kallo Corn & Rice Snacks

These are very similar to snack-a-jacks but not as thick. Only 91 calories per packet and gluten free!


Degustabox June

Brioche Pasquier Pitch

These brioche snacks are hand on the go snacks. They’re individually wrapped and perfect for chucking in your bag.



Degustabox June

Love Chin Chin 

Chin chin is a snack from West Africa that crunches like a biscuit and tastes like a cake. It kind of reminds me of cinnamon Golden Grahams!

It’s made with 100% natural ingredients! You can get it in vanilla, cinnamon, lemon or chilli. Better yet, it’s suitable for vegetarians and it’s dairy free.


Degustabox June

Vit Vibe

Made from a blend of Real Fruit Juice Concentrates, Vitamins and Marine Collagen, these have benefits like improved immunity, skin health and give an energy boost. I must be honest with this one and say the consistency wasn’t for me!

Degustabox June

Kallo Rice Cake Thins.

Oh man, Belgian milk chocolate with caramel pieces rice cakes. These sound divine!


Degustabox June


Haha, anything with NOM in the name has my vote. This organic coconut sugar is a great natural alternative to sugar and is made from 100% coconut tree blossom sap. It’s great in baking, hot drinks, cereal and smoothies.


Degustabox June

What would you like to try most?



  1. Great selection especially for going on a picnic. I love these boxes great way t try new food Lucy x

  2. I loooove Melba toasts and the love chin chin & Kallo Corn & Rice Snacks plus Brioche Pasquier Pitch sounds amaaazing!
    Jade x

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