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Degustabox July 2015

degustabox july


Woo! Another successful Degustabox delivery. When I say successful, I mean I WAS IN WHEN IT ARRIVED. Don’t you just hate it when you miss a package?

I managed to somehow open this months box upside down though, ha! I hope that’s not bad luck like with crisps!

Let’s see what was inside…

July Degustabox 

Taster Little Numbers

degustabox july Taster Little Numbers

These are a range of 100 and 200 calorie snack meals. It’s really good for people who are busy and trying watch their calories.

Unfortunately these contain animals and as I do not eat the animals, so my housemate is going to eat them on my behalf. Woo.


Taking the pea

degustabox july Taking the pea

These are the UK’s first range of flavoured peas. There are a few flavours available and I was lucky enough to get the wasabi ones. Which I promptly shoved in my mouth and now my nose feels like it’s going to blow up.

These are SO addictive. I love that kick products like that give me.


Good Hemp

degustabox july Good Hemp

This is from Devon. I love Devon. I went the summer before I started blogging and wish I was blogging at the time, because would have a million photos to share with you of how wonderful that place it. It’s just childhood for me. All those family holidays in caravans.

Anyway, this is from Devon, like I said and it’s 100% natural and made from cold pressed hemp seed. It’s rich in Omega 3 and has 40% less saturated fat than olive oil.


Weetabix on the go

degustabox july uk weetabix

For yous lot that are on the go, this is a breakfast drink full of protein, energy and fibre for when you don’t have the chance to sit down and make yourself something proper.

It’s smooth, delicious and these drinks are a great way to get you started when you’re running late!


Newton’s Appl Fizzics


Apple physics. APPL FIZZICS. Get it? It’s a tree. And a science. And fun.

These is a blend of apple juice and sparkling water and is bottled like a beer of cider. Chill and serve. You’re welcome.



Lambrini degustabox july

Lambrini girls just want to have fun. I’ve not bought Lambrini since I was 19 and I was at uni and me and my best friend, Joe, bought a few bottles for a weekend of fun after I had been home all summer.

From what I remember, we watched silly videos on YouTube and fell asleep at about 8pm. Hardcore students, we were.

But it’s just all about having fun with your friends, isn’t it?

You can now have fun in strawberry flavour, too.


Say yes to no. 

Say yes to no degustabox july

There’s no rubbish in these. Just what it says on the tin.

Oh my goodness. These are delicious. Have you ever tried the Penn State chive and onion pretzels? They’re additive and salty and perfect and all the flavour.

Well, this is what these are like.

I want to eat them all now so let’s hope I finish this post soon. Favourite product of the box, ding ding we have a winner.


Fru Snack

Fru Snack

Hello fruit and yogurt pieces. In a handy packet. You want to know where these are going to live? In my glove compartment. For those times when I’ve not had time to eat enough to have a great gym session, I’ll be snacking on these all the way down the M1.

Yes, sir. I can boogie.

But I need my favourite.. snack? I don’t know.

They’re £1.25 a pop. Try ’em.


This was an interesting box. I want more wasabi peas and the toasted bread crisps. They were wonderful.

What would you like to try the most?


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