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Treats from Rose & Co

I don’t have a bath. I have an en suit bathroom with just a shower. Isn’t life hard? But but but but but. Guess what?…


Rose & Co

I don’t have a bath.

I have an en suit bathroom with just a shower. Isn’t life hard?

But but but but but. Guess what? I’m moving house at the end of the month and I’LL HAVE A BATH.

So when I was approached to try some products by Rose & Co, I was like YES, that would be wonderful.

I now imagine myself exhausted, having been moving around all day, then sinking into a hot bath with a glass of wine and these wonderful treats on the 29th June. It’s going to be heaven.

Rose & Co

Rose & Co are based in the Bronte Village of Haworth, not far from me – on the outskirts of Bradford. I do love a good Yorkshire brand!

It’s described as a museum like shop, with vintage vibe to it. It’s an old drug store that was bought and then restored to how it looked before.

Rose & Co also have products stocked in places such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, House of Fraser, Heal’s, Cologne & Cotton and select independent retailers.

They sent me a selection of surprises, let’s see what was inside!

Rose & Co


Strawberry Cupcake Lip Balm


Rose & Co Rose & Co

This smells delicious, it’s very moisturising and smells like, well, strawberries. It’s not an over powering scent.

It appears red but applies clear.


Sweet As Cherry Pie

Rose & Co

This is probably my favourite scent of all, it smells so intense. It’s like that deep, cherry/almond smell of Amoretto. Delicious.


Juicy Blackberry Cupcake Soap

Rose & Co Rose & Co

These handcrafted soaps are boxes and come with a paper flower on top. This one is decorated with glitter and looks good enough to eat.


Raspberry & Apple Crumble Bath Fancies


Rose & Co Rose & Co

These lovely little treats make the perfect gift.

You chuck one in a bath and it melts and sparkles to release shea & cocoa butter to soften you skin and also make your bath smell delicious. They smell slightly sherberty!


Cranberries and Cream Bath Tartlettes

Rose & Co DSC_0894

Similar to the bath melts above, these dissolve in your bath offering you moisture, a lovely fragrance and a sparkle or two!


Rose & Co

You can read more about Rose & Co on their website and browse and shop their other products.

What product would you like to try the most?



  1. OMG these look so delicious! I’d get clean and hungry lol x

    Mehreen A |

  2. How adorable the packaging love how it looks like cupcakes so cute and the fragrance must be magnificent sweet post. Have a great weekend.

  3. These products look lovely. The cupcake soaps are adorable! I have a detox bath every week and it’s the best.

  4. I just read reviews on this brand on another blog and it seems they have some really good stuff!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Omg I want to cry, I wish we can get access to stuff like that in Canada, I LOVE ROSES! And anything shaped like cupcakes though I don’t like eating cupcakes. Those bath fancies look amazingggg.

  6. I would love to try the bath melts!! They look so sweet! Ah, you are going to be living the bath life of luxury soon! xx

  7. the bath stuff are so cute!!! I wonder if Lush is still really the best or if it’s only because people don’t know about other brands…

  8. The shop in Haworth is one of my absolute favourite places, it’s so pretty – I could spend a lot of time and money in there! I love the bath fancies and the crumble ones sound delightful! x

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