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#socialbloggers 65 // Life Lessons

I find life lessons frustrating. It’s just logic, really. But then why do we all fall into the same traps? Why do so many of…


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I find life lessons frustrating.

It’s just logic, really. But then why do we all fall into the same traps?

Why do so many of us have to get burnt by the same things in order to learn the same lessons?

I think there’s a big aspect of the ‘that wouldn’t happen to me’ mindset. We disassociate ourselves when it comes to life lessons.

So when you hear of friends or other people going through something tough, it’s easy to judge, easy to say you would feel different, act different and deal different. It’s never really going to sink in until you’ve felt the backlash and the pain.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t do us any harm to hear about what life lessons others have learnt though and is a great way to motivate us to be a better, more productive us.

Let’s see what the bloggers think.

Life Lessons

Q1: What’s the most valuable life lesson you’ve learnt?



Q2 What life lesson has been the hardest to learn?

Q3: Is it best to learn from your own mistakes or others?


Q4: If you could give yourself 1 piece of advice 10 years ago, what would it be?


Q5: Do you have any inspirational quotes you live by?




  1. This post was so full of life stories and lessons and thoughts that I feel as if I’ve learned a little just from this. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to dream” I love that! And my favourite life lesson would have to be to not blame other people for the way your life has turned out.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. For all of these questions, I would definitely say to myself or anyone is ‘Follow your own dreams, passions and heart’ you will always know what is best for you with some searching and patience. Because no one lives our lives but ourselves, advice from others can be helpful, but at the end of the day the answers are all within ourselves!! And if I could talk to my younger self, I would say that and also to be more daring like I am now. Forget others and just do what you like :))) Happy Monday xx

  3. We all go through ups and down but this is what makes us stronger and is a lesson in life.

  4. I have learned so many life lessons, my biggest one is that it is ok to make mistakes, you live and you learn!


  5. It’s really nice to know what other bloggers think. Blogging is definitely a learning curve for me too. ^_^ Thanks for sharing Corinne!

  6. Some thought-provoking comments – my best life lesson I learnt would be to not give up and be persistent, it does pay off in the end

  7. That’s an amazing topic, Corinne! And I agree with many, I think the hardest to learn is not to judge others.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. So nice that you finished the talk with quotes, I am a quote fiend, especially anything zen or peace related.. all over it!

    Ash | Liakada

  9. When you are younger you really care what people think this is the one thing that I would go back and correct my younger self: there will always be people who don’t like you forget about them and move on. Try hard and you will eventually succeed Lucy x

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