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Comfortable Holiday Shoes

summer shoes

When I went to Florida last year, I had really bad foot doom.

The first day, we walked from our hotel to Universal Studios and walked around the Island of Adventures for about 8 hours in the Floridian sunshine.

I was wearing black slip on shoes with no socks and boy, did I pay for it.

The pain got so bad that I had to buy a pair of Croc flipflops from one of the stands in Universal.

This gave my feet a brief hour or so of comfort until the plastic of the flipflop started cutting up my skin in between my toes.

I then spent the rest of the holiday having to apply Neosporin (which I couldn’t say without using an American accent) to my toes to stop it from getting infected.

Since then, I vowed to take sensible shoes on holiday. So I’ve been having a look around online for suitable holiday shoes and sandals.

Jones Bootsmaker was my first stop.

You can see their sandal and flat-shoe selection for yourself – but I’ve picked out some of my favourites.

summer shoes

As you can tell, I always avoid the flip-flop Y strap style since my toe almost died of flip-flop last year.

I appreciate the value of being comfortable over stylish much more now. I really like my shoes to have a chunky heal as they make me feel more stable and more supported.

I always seem to gravitate towards red but I hardly ever buy it because I don’t own many clothes that red would go with. This needs to change so all the red can be mine.

The second place I looked was House of Fraser. They have quite a vast shoe selection, too


Looking for a selection of statement loafers look no further than MyLoafers

What type of shoes do you take on holiday with you?


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