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Court Shoes // On the Hunt for Summer Shoes

I enjoy me a nice court shoe. I love heels and used to be able to wear heels of any height. I’m not sure if…



I enjoy me a nice court shoe. I love heels and used to be able to wear heels of any height. I’m not sure if I put up with more pain out of vanity back during my student days, or I was just too drunk to feel anything.

Anyways, I’m more likely to go over comfort that style now I’m older. So I’ve been looking into court shoes, that are ideal as they are typically quite lightweight, plain and have a medium or low heel. Ding ding!

I always feel a bit overdressed as I generally wear dresses – wearing high heels doesn’t help, so wearing courts means I can still look a little dressy and classy without looking like I’m overdressed.

I’ve been browsing some sites to find some ones I’d like to spend all my hard earned cash on if I wasn’t having to spend it on boring things, like new furniture for my new house, getting my car serviced and bills.

My first stop was Brantano, who have a lovely collection of court shoes at reasonable prices. You can pick up a lovely pair for around £20 – £30.


Naturally, my next shop was ASOS who also have a large selection of court shoes. I was finding myself more drawn towards patterned shoes here!


My final destination was, you guessed it, House of Fraser and their selection of court shoes.


Are you a fan of courts?



  1. I am such a fan of these shoes especially the ones with the straps over I think they called Mary Kate!! Lovely post ♥


  2. I love your selection from House of Fraser, I think I am more of a fan of mid-high heels than mini heels personally.

    Ash | Liakada

  3. I definitely favor court shoes over sky high heels. They’re just more versatile and comfortable as well. The mint green cutout pair is my fave!

  4. I have a few of these type of heels from my office work days but these days I’m mostly in flip flops and flats because it’s easier to chase down a runaway toddler. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. I love a beautiful heal, especially when they are brightly coloured or have a with a wonderful design Lucy x

  6. I like court shoes if they’re not too high and have a really funky pattern – especially United Nude, Poetic Licence and Irregular Choice

  7. Gosh I love all the ones you’ve selected, especially those in your last photo! I love courts they’re so versatile and also my thoughts are that if your toes are covered/hidden they’re less likely to be stood on hahaha x

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