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Corinstagram May // BEST MONTH EVER

At the start of May when I was doing my April recap, I said that this month had the potential to be the best month…



At the start of May when I was doing my April recap, I said that this month had the potential to be the best month of my life.

And it was. It was the best month of my life.

I feel like my life has completely changed over the past month. There’s so many differences, or upcoming differences.

Here’s all the things that made May an amazing month:

  • I went snowboarding with Christine and we went right from the top of the hill for the first time!
  • I ran Leeds half marathon.
  • I went to a fitness event and met a famous body builder.
  • We found our new house and move in at the end of the month.
  • Saw Harry Potter at Kirsktall Abbey with some blogger friends, which are actually more like my real friends now lolz.
  • Went to the launch of Leeds Food Festival with bloggy friends.
  • Ran my fastest 5k, 10k and fastest mile!
  • Got a new job.
  • Got a new hair cut.
  • Went down to London to speak at Web We Want Festival and met some amazing London bloggers!

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What was the best thing about your month?




  1. Yay you, what an awesome month! May wasn’t bad for me, nothing groundbreaking but there were some really nice parts like weekends away and a wedding xx

  2. Wow sounds like you have had the most amazing month – so many many totally massive things happening to you.
    So happy/proud of your half marathon and fastest run efforts! I hope I am doing the same by September (Spring!)
    Kelsey xx

  3. Great month you had mine was heading to the beach house getting it ready for my weekend getaway.

  4. Really happy that you have had such a wonderful month. Quite the adventure. You do look wonderful your healthy eating and fitness is working wonders. I need some inspiration so adverse to exercise. Glad that you have found a new home Lucy x

  5. So glad you had a fantastic month Corrine! I finally joined a gym today and have jumped on the fitness bandwagon!!

  6. Hello from Spain: I see that you are fabulous. You’re very thin and very pretty. Nice pictures in the month of May. July is my prefer month. We keep in touch

  7. We should all have such a great month at least once a year! Congrats on the new house and new job! May was a pretty good month for me with the exception of my allergies.

  8. You really had an amazing month and it’s great to see how much you’ve documented. I got a new job this month too!
    Victoria xx

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