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#socialbloggers 64 // Blog Milestones

Blog milestones are discussed a lot within the blogging community. There’s not a day goes by where I don’t see a Tweet from a blogger…


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Blog milestones are discussed a lot within the blogging community.

There’s not a day goes by where I don’t see a Tweet from a blogger asking for follows to reach their next milestone.

I do feel like there is a bit of stigma attached to caring so much about your stats, though. Some bloggers are quick to say they don’t care about the numbers and they just blog for a hobby, which is fair enough – but I’ve often felt guilty in the past for caring about my stats. Like people will think I’m blogging for the wrong reasons.

It’s natural to want something you’ve put a lot of time in to progress.

And the only way to objectively measure your progression is by statistics such as page views and followers.

Yes, there are other ways to measure your success, such as improvements in writing and photography – but they might be more subjective.

In the past few months, I’ve become less concerned with follow numbers and I’ve been focusing more on my page views, specifically page views from the UK.

Anyway, enough waffle. Let’s get to the chat.

Q1: what’s your current milestone to achieve for your blog?

Q2: Are there some milestones you’ve achieved in past? What were they?

Q3: What are you doing to achieve your current in-progress milestone?



  1. This is a great topic! I try not to focus to much on my own stats (like, not even look at them!) because I don’t want to compare my blog to other’s or feel too much pressure to change my content.. but the point of blogging is to reach people and attract followers, so I think I may be doing it all wrong! Regardless, thank you for writing this since it’s been on my mind πŸ™‚

  2. Yup, I am one who don’t give followers, numbers, stat a big priority. I blog for other reason. I am known to do things half way, so blogging is a challenge for me. It helps me focus, stick of task and the bonus is I get to know a bunch of people (bloggers) and form some kind of friendship with them. Funny to see your post talking about this as I was pondering on the same while trying to put a post on why I blog!

  3. I recently installed a statistics feature, because I’m curious to see if anyone visits the site, and where they find the link. But I don’t care about folkowers as a number, I just enjoy seeing people visit and leave comments. Seeing that people come back to read and comment is how I measure “success” (whatever that is), I don’t even have a “follow” option, and don’t care about it either, to me it only shows how many people clicked a button and not necessarily how many people read the blog regularly.
    My only milestone is to continue blogging and not quit when I lose inspiration.

  4. Such a great topic and I love have active and engaged your twitter following is!

    Ginger Side of Life

  5. I’m not sure what I am aiming at I am still new so I am just looking forward to people enjoying my post πŸ™‚


  6. Thanks for sharing this! It’s interesting to see what everyone’s milestones are! Mine is to post more consistently (I’m so bad at that) and reach 7000 followers on Instagram (I have a little more than a 1000 to go)!


  7. This is such an interesting topic. I blog because I enjoy it but its so hard not get caught up with the numbers. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading your blog, so maybe I think concentrating on page view is more important to me.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  8. An interesting chat, unfortunately I only know the basics about my stats trying to learn more. What is important to me is having an engaged readership and come back. Having a relationship with people is more of a driver Lucy x

    1. Yeah, we all have different things that are importation to us. Looks like you do well with creating an engaged readership πŸ™‚

  9. Hello Corinne, how are you ?
    Your post is very interesting. I don’t need a lot of followers, I just want to share my passion with people πŸ™‚

  10. I used to focus on stats too much, now I feel more established I just try to focus on producing content. Although at the moment after the photo google disater I’m trying to rebuild my blog and work on creating content more and more.

    Little Blonde Life – Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yeah I’m the same. Focusing on great content that people want to come back to. I haven’t done any self promotion like I used to in ages apart from tweeting posts!

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