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  A Twitter chat about Twitter chats! I’m not going to lie, but I feel like a bit of a genius right now. It took…


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A Twitter chat about Twitter chats! I’m not going to lie, but I feel like a bit of a genius right now.

It took me a while to get into Twitter. I blogged for a year without it, now I see Twitter as probably the biggest platform for promoting your blog.

Twitter chats seemed to have exploded recently with new ones popping up all the time. They’re a fun way to get to know other bloggers while sharing knowledge and experience!

Have a read through the chat and please do share you Twitter chat experiences in the comments below.

Q1: Why do you come to Twitter chats?

Q2: What was the first chat you went to?


Q3: What things do you like to talk about in Twitter chats?



Q4: If you could make your own chat, what would it be called?

Q5: If you could ask any question in a chat, what would it be?




  1. I have note participated in any Twitter chats yet but definitely should I agree it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers


  2. I have only just started getting into Twitter chats! They are good fun 🙂

    Ash | Liakada Travel

  3. I also waited a year to join Twitter and IG and you are so right it helps promote your blog you should feel like a genius doll.

  4. I still haven’t gotten into twitter! I have one, but most twitter chat are on at weird times for me, being in Australia. instagram is my social network of choice – personally and for the blog. I have the one blog account and use it for friends and family stuff as well as blogging. Twitter I only have because it’s ‘recommended’ you get it for a blog, I don’t use it all that much, although I’m trying to use it more now.

  5. I’ve just started joining in with Twitter chats and they can be fun but during some of them, I feel people are only token hosting / token participating, just so that they can promote all their links at the end. I’d love to see a Twitter chat were self promotion is discouraged so that it’s all about the chatting and social side – and then if people like what they hear, they’ll wander over to one another’s twitter profiles and find the blog links anyway.

  6. I love that you always post the twitter chats– they are so interesting!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  7. Haha! A Twitter chat about Twitter chat is indeed genius! I have not joined Twitter chats for some time now, more than a month I think and the last two times I tried to join, I had to leave half way because of my little one. I do miss it though. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Your so right about Twitter for a good while I didn’t use it but it is a great way to connect. Also to share posts. I like the ideas of additional chats Lucy x

  9. I’ve definitely seen the value of Twitter in general and I love Twitter chats to pick up tips from other bloggers. It makes you realise how huge the community is! I definitely recommended using an App like Buffer to schedule your Tweets and try your hardest to take part in as many chats as possible. It definitely works.
    Victoria xx thedaisyjaynes.com

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