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#OOTD // Cute spring dress :D

  Dress: Dorothy Perkins Bag: River Island ShoeS: ASOS Watch: Jord   I can’t think of a better reason to collect more dresses than spring…




Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: River Island
Watch: Jord




I can’t think of a better reason to collect more dresses than spring time. I must buy ALL THE DRESSES for the spring and summer, right?

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Dorothy Perkins have some adorable dresses. I always thought it was a shop for older women. Like, not really old women, but not young whipper snappers. Then I remember that I’m probably their target age now that I’m getting closer to 30. Doom.

Now I’m having a freakout about my age. I’m go and have a mental break down about how fast my life is going by over a bottle of red wine.

How’s your day?



  1. What a pretty coloured dress looks lovely on. You need to change your mindset about age. Getting old means you know yourself more and are happier in your own skin Lucy x

  2. I was so happy when I turned 30. My 30s are better than my 20s, because I love my job, I’m married to a great man, I have a lovely home and the dog :)) At 20 I was living with my mother, I was at Uni and I had a new boyfriend (now hubby).

  3. Lovely dress. You’re looking great, the gym is paying off! I’m also mildly freaking out about my age. Turning 29 did not help matters! Xx

  4. I love this dress! It looks perfect for Spring/Summer and really suits you. I agree, I always thought Dorothy Perkins catered to older women, but some of their stuff is definitely lovely!

  5. No mental breakdowns allowed! You look gorgeous in that dress. I can’t believe we have known each other for 12 sodding years though! x

  6. love this dress! it’s very beautiful and I love the accessories, you’ve styled it beautifully <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  7. That is such a cute floral dress! It is a really lovely print.

    I like it with that headband also! πŸ™‚ You’ve accessorised it really well. I didn’t know Dorothy Perkins was an ‘older’ brand – they have some cute stuff here, an online store sells some of their things. I haven’t bought anything yet, only because my size sells out in the sale items quite quickly and I never pay full price for anything haha!

  8. I adore this little dress! It’s this time of year my dress buying gets out of control and I can’t stop myself buying dresses like this
    Olivia xxx

  9. The dress is super pretty; but your headband caught my attention! Looks great with a long ponytail!

  10. Oh, that dress looks so lovely on you, Corinne! I love Dorothy Perkins, their dresses are always lovely!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. I don’t think Dotty P’s is old at all! I love it in there! I must admit they do have a section where I’m like no…I’m not a Grandma yet. But the rest of it is on point I think. I love this dress and how you’ve styled it. You don’t need an excuse at all to buy dresses…JUST BUY THEM!
    Victoria xx

  12. I’m two weeks from 29, and i think its a great age. i have more money than i did when i was young to spend however i want, because i don’t have anyone depending on me. travel? Sure. Dinner somewhere fanceh? Yep. Love it!!

  13. What a gorgeous dress on you!! Not been in Dorothy Perkins in years and I’m over 30. Some of their stuff is nice though. xx

  14. I’m also getting closer to 30…but I feel that I’m still a young girl πŸ˜‰

  15. I definitely prefer my 30’s to 30’s! That said, I always felt like that about Dotty Perks too! This is SUCH a pretty dress and I love your kitty cat decals!x

  16. wait, what do you mean 30???? I thought you were in your early 20s… geez… you’re gonna give me a nervous breakdown, haha…

  17. That is such a cute dress!!! I really love the colors. I feel like you, I’m coming very close to thirty so I am becoming the target audience to most stores I thought were for ‘Older’ woman.

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