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Get your Legs Summer-Ready // My 5 commitments

It’s happening, people. The days are getting warmer and I’m starting to shed my tights and enjoy the sunshine. I don’t know about you, but…



It’s happening, people.

The days are getting warmer and I’m starting to shed my tights and enjoy the sunshine.

I don’t know about you, but I neglect my legs so much during the winter. If I didn’t go to the gym, I’d probably not shave them from September-May.

I’m serious.

Some of you might cringe, but when I do shave my legs, I never use shaving cream and don’t moisturise after. Then I complain about having dry, irritated skin. Yes, I’m one of those girls.

This year is going to be different. I’m going to look after my pins this summer. They’ll be soft, silky and ready to be shown of to the world all summer.

Here are 5 commitments I’m going to try and stick to this year to get my legs ready!


1. Love my legs.

Let’s face it, we’re never going to have perfect, air-brushed legs.

I’ll probably miss a patch of hair around my knee, I’m likely to cut my angle and no matter how much I sit out in the sun, my legs just WILL NOT TAN.

Whether it’s orange peel skin, or your hate your knees, you’ve got to remember that everyone has things about their body their not happy with. That’s okay, it’s part of being human.

2. Hair removal.

I personally use a disposable razor to remove unwanted hair. Hair removal cream never works and I’m too wimpy for a wax or epilator.

When I was 14, my sister-in-law bought me my first electric razor. It was a small Babyliss one and I had it for years. It’s probably still at my parents house now in my old room.

While I usually shave in the shower, I love quickly being able to shave if I ever need to on the go so I’ve been looking at some of the electric shavers and trimmers on Tesco to make life a bit easier.

3. Exfoliate. 

I avoid exfoliating as I’m not a fan of the tiny bits in exfoliators that usually take ages to wash off.

Though to get around this, you can invest in an exfoliating glove and use your shower gel after shaving and just scrub away.

It’s much less hassle and works out cheaper in the long run!

4. Moisturise. 

Might be a no brainer for some of you, but if you’re in rush you night not always have time to moisturise.

I like to allow myself plenty of time when getting ready. This is because I’m easily distracted and it’s not uncommon for me to lose about 20 minutes watching YouTube between getting out of the shower and getting dressed.

This time is perfect for moisturising though, as there’s long enough for the product to soak in and dry. I hate putting clothes or tights on when my skin doesn’t feel dry!

5. Tint.

There are so many self-tan products on the market now.

I prefer those that build a gradual tan over a few applications than an full on fake tan. It just seems to apply easier and more natural.

What are your summer leg commitments?


Written for Tesco


  1. Some great tips! I love the feeling of having shaved legs, I just don’t like the commitment of having to do them! I’m exactly the same with watching YouTube after getting out of the shower, it’s such a distraction…
    Olivia xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing – My hair grows back so fast I literally have to shave everyday!


  3. I shave my legs too :)) I admire women how can endure the pain of wax or epilator, I wish I could do that… but turn back to my razor & no pain.

  4. Amazing post! Can’t forget to take care of your legs! xx


  5. Great tips to have sexy legs I shave with hair conditioner you should try it makes your legs baby soft.

  6. Good luck with your goals! 🙂

    I’m having to moisturise a lot more often now with winter, going from a hot shower to a freezing room at night really dries out my skin. I’m a bit lazy with moisturising my legs (and the rest of me!) over summer, but once the winter weather starts to kick in I can’t avoid the need, haha.
    I have an epilator – it’s not that bad really! I just sometimes forget to use it so have to use a disposable razor, then I get dry skin as it’s not the kindest thing to skin!

  7. I hate my legs every summer and always wish I had done something about them before the sun actually comes out and it’s not appropriate to wear tights anymore. I started doing squats and lunges and they have made a big difference. I absolutely hate lunges with a passion but apparently I look ‘more athletic’ so that must be a good thing!

    I am the same when it comes to moisturising. I bought one of those in-shower lotions that you rinse off but it leaves a layer of body lotion – it really does help with this especially when in a rush!

  8. I guess I am lucky that I never have to shave because I’m as hairless as they come, no hair on legs, arms and believe it or not, not even underarms! I might get to tweeze a couple ever 6 months but that’s it. I’m a freak of nature. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. hehe i have to admit i’m a bit of a slacker during the cold & dark winter months, but as soon as that first ray of sunshine appears in the spring it’s time to get my legs ready!

    Even now though i still need a glass of wine (or two!) before a good epilating session and it might be a bit weird, but i find having some good music on whilst doing it really helps to distract me in a good way! <3

  10. I use those smelly hair removal creams, but I haven’t done it in forever (I’m like you). I REALLY need to tan but I can’t do it at the beach because they probably won’t let me in.. Kidding, but they’re ghost-white, I swear

  11. These all sound like things I need to do!
    I really need some colour on my legs, the pasty white look is not so great right now.

    Ash | Liakada Travel

  12. Great tips, I so need to do all of these things, I noticed how pasty my legs were in my last post!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  13. Hahaha I cant cover up in India because its so hot almost throughout the year. So shaving is something I’m pretty regular with. However, I have really less growth so I just need to shave once a week or once in ten days!
    Keep in touch

  14. My legs I always leave to the last minute and they look bloody awful as a result. Great tips maybe if I prime and prep now they might be summer ready Lucy x

  15. Great comments, I always hate exfoliating too especially if you do it in the bath, I feel like it’s on you for the rest of the day then! // x

  16. I need to exfoliate more FOR SURE! I also have a jergens product to build a tan and I think I’ll try it out, my legs are too pasty for my liking.

  17. I exfoliate my body regularly throughout the year with a dry brush so I just step it up a bit during the summer. Self tanner is a must cause real tanning is a big no no and I don’t want to look pasty.

  18. Hair removal is a pain in the ass! I have really dark hair and really pale skin, so no matter how close I shave them, I can still see these tiny black dots all over my legs because the hair root is so dark. Annoying much! Exfoliating helps but like you said, it’s a faff sometimes I just don’t have the time for!

    I love using an epilator but it requires a lot more leg maintenance to avoid ingrown hairs!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  19. sadly, I have no leg commitments no matter what time of year it is.. laziness at its greatest, ladies and gentlemen.

  20. I’m considering fake tan this summer for the first time but I’m nervous- I’ve seen it go horribly wrong! Plus I’d look weird without milk bottle legs!

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