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Degustabox May 2015 // The BBQ Edition

Degustabox May 2015

This months Degustabox landed a few days early. Which was ideal with it being the bank holiday this weekend! A BBQ edition was very clever indeed!

Degustabox May 2015

Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Barbeque Sauce


Sweet Baby Ray’s make the number 1 BBQ sauce in the States.

This Honey BBQ sauce is great for marinating, dipping, or as a cooking ingredient.


Maggi So StirFry Noodles

Maggi So StirFry Noodles

The Maggie range seems to be getting bigger and bigger. From cook in bags, sauces and now these stir-friy noodles.

The packets come with a seasoning sachet and all you need to do is stir in fresh ingredients for a lovely meal!

£1.49 each

Daelmans  Dutch Snoopwafels

Daelmans  Dutch Snoopwafels

These are made by the Daelmans family bakery. The traditional way of using them is warming them over your hot drink then eating them. Sounds delicious.


9 Bar Fruity

9 Bar Fruity

I love these! I always try to keep something like this on me just incase I don’t have time to eat properly at work so I can chow down before heading to the gym.

These are packed with nutritious seeds and fruit then topped with carob making a perfect healthy treat!

£2 for a box of 4

Green Coco with banana

Green Coco with banana

I love coconut juice! It’s full of goodness and hydrating.

This is aimed at children and includes banana. It gives you loads of potassium and is organic!


Schwartz Marinade in a Bag


This is an easy way to marinade your meat, fish or veg in a bag. Just put your ingredient of choice inside for 30 minutes and then it will be ready.

It’s available in 6 flavours:

  • Honey & Soy
  • Spicy BBQ
  • Red Wine & Garlic
  • Brazilian BBQ
  • Teriyaki
  • Korean BBQ


Slim Pasta Lasagne 


I’ve tried slim noodles in the past and they are strangely filling for only 21 calories! They don’t taste of much, but the trick is in how you season them.

I’m 100% going to try and make a veggie lasagne with this. I’m really excited about it, actually! I also have zero idea what I’m doing so it will probably end up more of a lol post rather than a useful recipe idea.


Fuel 10k Portibrick

Fuel 10k Portibrick

This is the first ever wheat biscuit that’s boosted with protein.

They’re a great breakfast idea as you can top them many different ways. I’m thinking bananas, honey and almond butter. Anyone else?


Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 

Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

I love balsamic vinegar and use it all the time in salad dressings.

This is great for salads or as a recipe ingredient! Sarsons is such a household name in the UK for their vinegar, but I’ve never tried anything other than their standard table vinegar so I’m looking forward to this.


Degustabox May 2015

That’s it for the May Degustabox! It’s been one of my favourites in a while with lots of new brands to try!

You can get your own box from Degustabox with a £3 off, by entering my discount code:3BP6D

Just go to the Degustabox site and enter the code at the checkout! Full price is £12.99 per box. Postage and packaging is free.

Which one would you like to try the most?


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