Benefit High Beam // Sample Sunday

Benefit High Beam

Hi guys, time for another Sample Sunday post.

This week I’ve been testing out the popular highlighter from Benefit: High Beam. I got this in a beauty subscription box a few months ago and never got around to trying out it out as I already have another highlighter open. Which I’m really inconsistent about using!


High Beam is a liquid highlighter that’s great for using on your cheek and brow bones for a subtle yet beautiful glow. You can also use it mixed with your moisturiser for an overall glow.

I was going to take some photos of this on, but it’s tricky to catch on camera as it’s more of a shimmery product that has to catch the light to be visible.

It leaves your skin looking all bright and healthy and is great for dull, tired skin. It does give it a real perk up.


I guess the downfall to this is the price. It does come in at around £20 a pop and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried cheaper ones that are just as good.

I did review the MeMeMe Beat the Blues highlighter not long ago. This comes in around £7 a bottle and I’m struggling to find any differences between this and the benefit version.

I swatched both on my hand and both look exactly the same!


While I do think this is a must for any girls makeup bag, I do think it’s something you can get away with getting a cheaper version of.

I was hoping to see a big difference between this and the lower end brand, but just couldn’t!

Do you use highlighter? How?


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