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jord watch review

How many of you wear a watch?

I know that since I started carrying a phone everywhere, I’ve got out of the habit of wearing a watch daily.

I did try a few years ago to wear a watch. It just seems grown up and mature, doesn’t it? It only lasted a few months as it fell off and got lost at work. I still adore the idea of wearing a watch though.

Through reading other blog, I’ve seen some amazing watches. For me, the perfect watch has to be unique, interesting and something that would bring about curiosity and conversation.

Enter JORD Watches.

JORD is a locally own Missouri company that produces watches out of wood. They originally only offered male and unisex watches, but they’ve been working on a collection of women’s watches, too. It’s worth a look, because some of them are pretty impressive.

I’m talking watch faces in rose gold, Swarovski crystals and the cogs of the watch visible. These make for stunning pieces that are sure to spark up a conversation.

 jord watch review

JORD sent me on of their watches to review. It was one from their Fieldcrest series in Maple.

The watch came well packaged in a beautiful wooden box with the JORD logo engraved on it. Inside, the watch was wrapped around a woven cushion.

Under the watch was extra links and the guarantee.

It was a bit too small, but I managed to add an extra link with no problem. It’s easy to fasten and unfasten using the silver buttons at the side and I love how it looks! As it’s made of wood, it’s very light and comfortable to wear.

I like the details on the watch such as JORD engraved in the fastening and how you can see the wood grains on the watch. It’s a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to wear it out and about and feature it in some outfit posts!

jord watch review jord watch review jord watch reviewjord watch review

Have a nosy over the JORD Watches yourself and let me know which one you like the best!

I love the Cora Series in Koa and Rose Gold 🙂


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