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Stupid stuff I did in highschool

Ah. High school was one of the best times of my life. I mostly enjoyed school, especially my final few years and A Levels. I…


stupid stuff

Ah. High school was one of the best times of my life. I mostly enjoyed school, especially my final few years and A Levels. I do remember some stuff we used to do that was kewl back then but now, it just seems dumb.

I do love a bit of nostalgia, so here’s some of the stupid things I used to do when I was in high school.


1. I wrote COZ WOZ ERE 9T8 everywhere.

2. I SWALK’ed* every letter or note I wrote.

3. I always vowed to not graffiti my school planner. A few days later it was covered in everyones name.

4. I was scared to run past the basketball courts because the boys would kick their football as hard as possible at anyone walking by.

5. I got kegged one evening in the youth club. I cried in the toilets for an hour because all the boys saw my knickers.

6. I back chatted a teacher by saying ‘wasted’ when she was proven wrong. I had to stand outside for 15 minutes. When she called me back in she said ‘wasted’ at me in front of the whole class. Pwnd.

7. I tried to make up my own language with my BFF so we could talk about anything and nobody would understand us.

8. I always wanted a perm. But never got one.

9. I would spend 35p on a plate of chips at dinner and spend the rest of my dinner money on flavoured chewing gum at the Ice Cream van. Zappers and jawbreakers anyone?

10. I loved the Spice Girls, Westlife, S Club 7, Steps and BeWitched.

11. I got nits but didn’t tell anyone.

12. I would have my phone set to send me a ‘delivered’ text confirmation when I text I sent had been delivered so it seemed like I had a text.

13. I had a cyber pet around my neck on a piece of string.

*Sealed With A Loving Kiss.

What stupid stuff did you do in high school?

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  1. Hahaha awesome post. I did way too many stupid things to list ’em all. It’ll take foever.

  2. Hahaha you did so many of the same things as me, and totally had the same music taste! I must admit I could easily still have a soft spot for Westlife now haha x

  3. Hahah this is funny! I was like the Hermionie Grainger of my high school so literally nothing too bad. Me and my friends used to get chucked out of the library for googling ‘funny cat’ and laughing hysterically

    Rachel xx

  4. Hahaha…this was awesome!! I think plenty of us did some of these things in Highschool!! I remember my friends and I used to send ourselves sweets or flowers, so it seemed like we have secret boyfriends or something. But, no we were just geeks, hahaha!! I still am really, but it’s ok!! Highschool was a mess, but so much fun!! Happy Easter dear xx

  5. Haha I did so many of these things too! I loved passing notes but folding them in a special way– and then I of course had to keep every note I was given!
    Melanie @

  6. So fun! I had a secret code with a friend and we wrote each other notes all the time that no one else could read. But I’m not gonna lie, I still think that’s cool. (But not “kewl.” Kewl is so out.)

  7. I played volleyball and went to as many parties as possible lol

    check out my newest post

  8. LMAO! Oh wow, this is a walk down memory lane but I am NOT going to tell about mine, it’s just too darn embarrassing!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. We did number 7 as well haha 😛
    You are so brave to post this high school was the worst years of our lives.


  10. Number six was just hilarious and I feel for you haha. I just pulled awful poses in photos!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  11. “7. I tried to make up my own language with my BFF so we could talk about anything and nobody would understand us.” I also did it 😉

  12. Heh, high school was a wonderful time, wasn’t it? 🙂 I also loved Westlife and S Club 7 (and thought I was super cool because no one else at my school had heard of them) and was convinced that I would marry Prince Harry someday. Yup, real cool!

  13. Enjoyed reading this, I played as much sport as I could, oh how things have changed, I ate weird and wacky sweets, I loved colour and the more the better. Timmy Mallett had nothing on me Lucy x

  14. Ahh the graffiti in books and stationary and secret languages. :’) I’m still in high school and I’ve got three years to go. I wonder what stupid things I’ll do in that time.

    The Life of Little Me

  15. Haha! Oh How i miss the high school days. This is such a fun posts. It’s nice to read it. We all have done stupid things though. You’re not alone. lol.

  16. haha.. that was a fun post. weren’t we all stupid in high school.
    since you admitted so much i’ll admit to you.. i still have a westlife song.

  17. Hahaha Omg I did so many things.., liking banking class because it was cool and being chased by teachers lol and me of course getting caught and calling my mom

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  18. Number 7!!! Lol! You sounded like a way cool teenager, Coz. #NoLie. By the way, gonna be in the U of K in the summer. Reckon we could meet or nah?! 😀 Lmk gurl.

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