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Step into Spring with House of Fraser

You know what I love? THE SUN. And the LIGHT. I’m all giddy that we’ve got our lighter evenings back and I’m ready for the…



You know what I love? THE SUN. And the LIGHT. I’m all giddy that we’ve got our lighter evenings back and I’m ready for the warmer clothes to come out.

With warmer clothes, comes sandals.

My current go to sandals are a few years old and a bit tatty, so when House of Fraser asked me to pick a pair of shoes, I went straight to their sandal section and had a browse.

I was looking for something that I could wear during the summer but would be comfortable enough for long holiday strolls as I’m going to Cyprus in September.


These cuties caught my eye because they’re the style I usually go for, with a slight heel but not too high. But the colour is something I wouldn’t usually opt for. I tend to stick to neutral colours so shoes will go with most of my wardrobe, but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous coral.


I can’t wait to get styling these with some summer outfits!

They are by a brand called Head Over Heels and only cost around £30!

House of Fraser aren’t usually a place I would go to when looking for footwear, but after browsing their different section it’s something I’m going to check out in the future

They have a great range of brands and shoes. The price range is pretty vast too, you can get a bargain but also get a higher end shoe if that’s what you’re looking for!

DSC_0325 DSC_0327 DSC_0328


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  1. It`s so nice you are going to Cyprus in September, hopefully you`ll get lots of sun. I like the colour of the sandals a lot, it`s perfect for Spring/Summer.

  2. I love sandals but you do need to have pretty pedicure like you have in order to wear them. Perfect color on the sandals and nails. Have a blessing weekend doll.

  3. I love them I usually never xear flat shoes but there would be no problem with these beauties!!!

  4. I love the look of these shoes, the coral colour is gorgeous. I too wouldn’t usually go to House of Fraser looking for shoes but this has made me want to go and have a browse.

    Kristy |

  5. Aww Corinne I think they are stunning and match your polish perfectly – orange is such a happy color for spring and summer. Enjoy the beautiful weather – nice to hear from you again! xxxx

  6. That is such a cute Spring sandals! You choose a really lovely pair, it’s perfect even for a day out at the beach. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. What a cute pair of sandals! I’d usually go for the neutral pair as well, though I don’t think I could resist the pop of coral either. I could see these going well with denim shorts and a plain white tee, which is usually my go-to in the summer 😛

    Cyprus sounds fun – I’d love to visit someday!

  8. I was looking at House of Fraser shoes today actually! They had loads of lovely pairs. These are a gorgeous colour, they’ve really got me pining for summer now! x

    Josie’s Journal

  9. Corinne wearing coral =perfect. I love your nail-matching here. The sandals are really quirky and look really durable. I’ve never given House of Fraser shoes a go but I’m definitely tempted now.
    Victoria xx

  10. I love coral shades for sandals, these are lovely. This has reminded me that I have a voucher for House of Fraser and now some inspiration to go an shop. There could be trouble ahead Lucy x

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