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We’re just getting into Spring, but thoughts of summer are everywhere. Summer clothes enter the shops, the sun has been out in the UK and…


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We’re just getting into Spring, but thoughts of summer are everywhere.

Summer clothes enter the shops, the sun has been out in the UK and we’re all counting down to our holidays!

I have a few trips planned this summer. I’ll be visiting Disneyland Paris in June, then I’m going on a family holiday to Cyprus for 2 weeks in September.

Summer has the potential to be my favourite season, but I just feel let down by it, mostly. August tends to be filled with rain and the scorching days seem to be those days I’m at work!

During my perfect summer, I would to be able to enjoy the long days, visit parks and the country side and then spend the evenings outside with friends – meals, beer gardens, patios, BBQs..

Oh, and the odd summer thunderstorm. Nothing smells more delicious than the smell of heavy summer rain on hot asphalt. Reminds me of childhood and I love it.

What’s summer to you?

Q1: what are your plans for summer? You can share personal or blogging plans.

Q2: what’s your favourite thing about summer?

Q3: if you were given a chance to celebrate your dreamy summer vacations, how would you celebrate it?



  1. The summer better bring hot sunshine or I will be livid, haha!! I have had enough of rain and cold, I am so ready for summer and relaxing!! xx

  2. That’s so exciting you’re off to Disney! Love it there. This summer I’d like to go to Paris for a couple of days, Ireland to see my grandparents and also to visit a few places in the UK too x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Summer is like being free wearing light clothes doing so much activity and enjoying it to the fullest.

  4. I love summer so much, you can do so many outdoor activities. I just love going to the park and reading. Also, this year I might go to Portugal, I`m so excited about that.

  5. I am looking forward to Summer because Spring has sucked so far. It’s been more rain than sunshine. Pfftt!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. I am counting down the days til summer as well! Our spring sucks around here, we start to get decent weather in may! I don’t have anything planed yet hopefully it’ll be a great summer though πŸ˜€


  7. My husband and I get his daughter every summer. While I want to say we have extravagant plans, we really don’t. We typically do most of our fun activities during the weekends because my husband and I both work 40+ hours a week.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  8. This is an interesting post Corinne, its fab seeing what everyones plans are! I remember it raining in the summer in the UK, now I live somewhere where its summer 365 days a year and I totally take it for granted

    Rachel xx

  9. I’m so jealous that it’s still spring there! We’re already dying from the summer heat here in Manila lol.

  10. Lovely post – it’s so great to see everyone’s plans! Also, I’m very jealous of you going to Disneyland Paris in July! Disney is my favourite place in the world!
    Olivia xxxx

  11. Feels like Summer today with the sunshine! I’m off to Jersey and Rome soon, can’t wait

  12. The only thing I dislike about summer is the heat and humidity, but I love swimming, watermelon, being off from school, and having fun everyday with friends! ^^ It’s been feeling like spring so far in Texas, with its rain and coldness.

    Spring is here.

  13. I can’t wait for summer this year, every glimpse of sunshine I get excited and then go outside and it is still freezing. I love that you can wear a lighter wardrobe Lucy x

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