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Nouveau Lashes Event

Nouveau Lashes

I was invited to an event earlier in the week by a brand called Nouveau Lashes.

Nouveau Lashes offer salon treatments for lashes, from ones that last for just a night to longer term solutions that can last for 8 weeks.

We were first shown a presentation about the brand. It’s clear that they hold the training of their technicians as one of their highest priorities. As well as ensuring each customer is treated as an individual and given the correct treatment to suit them, their eye shape and their lashes.

Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes

Before the event started, we were given canapés and drinks, then they said they were looking for someone with big eyes to do a demonstration on.

I was a bit like OH NO because of my Furby face. They looked at me and then looked away but kept coming back to me and then were like YOU HAVE BIG EYES then asked me if I’d like to have mine done as the demonstration.

I thought what the hell and agreed. It was a bit scary to be laid on the table. Especially when the woman dong the lashes said COME CLOSER and I could see the heads of two dozen bloggers looking over me with cameras in their hands.

She put the lashes on me explaining how to do it. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and didn’t take too long.

I was glad I did it in the end, even though it was a be scary!

Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes


Oh man, look how much sass I have in the photo above. Totally one of those faces that I’d love to punch #restingbitchface.

After I had my lashes done, everyone else got a chance to put their own on.

Everyone had to pick their eye shape to make sure they had the lashes to suit them and then had a go at putting them on.

I already had mine on, so I got to watch everyone give it a go which was fun!

Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes Nouveau Lashes DSC_0252 Nouveau Lashes DSC_0293

We were sent on our with a goodie bag of 2 extra pairs of lashes, which can be worn up t0 6 times each, some lash conditioner and lash glue.

I’m going to a wedding in April and I can’t wait to wear them for this!

Do you use any fake lashes or extensions?

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