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Nokia Lumia 930 Review

A few months ago, the team at Microsoft sent me a Nokia Lumia 830 to try out. They then asked if I wanted to try out…


Nokia Lumia 930 Review

A few months ago, the team at Microsoft sent me a Nokia Lumia 830 to try out. They then asked if I wanted to try out their higher end model, the Nokia Lumia 930.

There were some features that I didn’t fully explore with the Windows Operating system, so I said yes.

The main difference between the Nokia Lumia 830 and 930 is the camera. The Lumia 830 has a 10mp camera, while the Lumia 930 boasts a massive 20mp camera. This sounds immense for a phone!

It’s difficult to tell the phones apart, they appear similar. The 830 is basically a cheaper version of the 930. The 930 has a higher resolution screen, it has more internal memory, a longer battery life and it runs faster.

Nokia Lumia 930 Review

When I first got the phone, I set it up pretty similar to how I had the pervious phone. I also fell in love with the OneNote app again. So much so, that I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone and still use it now.

My manager at work saw me using the app and asked me about it. Now, he uses the app and has chucked away his notebook as you can section and tab different titles within the app. Perfect.

Nokia Lumia 930 Review Nokia Lumia 930 Review Nokia Lumia 930 Review

Another app I enjoyed playing with was one called ‘Lumia Beamer‘. All you do is go to the Lumia Beamer website on any computer, open the app, scan the QR code from the webpage with the phones camera and then the webpage displays whats on your phone.

You shake the phone to update the page, making it ideal for presentations and the like. It’s a pretty nifty app and I’m curious to see how Microsoft will develop it further.

Nokia Lumia 930 Review

One of the other apps I really wanted to play with was Cortana.

Firstly, I made Cortana call me Bae. Because nobody else will.

I then asked it if it could dance. Like that advert. And yes, Cortana does dance, I can confirm.

Cortana also saves locations for you. Like your work and home. It can sync your schedule with your location and alert you if there’s traffic delays so you can set off early. It can remind you of events and even remind you of a certain thing the next time your friend calls you.

Nokia Lumia 930 Review

The other app I wanted to play with was the Health & Fitness app. It’s a great way to track how you’re doing. You can track your steps, your food intake and your workouts. There’s also a section that tells you about different diets, gives you health related news and a fantastic video library where you can stream workouts straight from your phone.

So, the camera.

I took 2 photos with my iPhone 6, then the same 2 with the Lumia 930.

I’ll let you look at them and decide which you think has the best quality. Both are unedited and were took at the same time under the same lighting conditions.

iPhone 6:

iphone1 iphone2

Nokia Lumia 930:

lumia1 lumia2

I enjoyed using this phone. Both the Lumia 930 and 830 are great phones. There’s not much between them at all, I guess it depends on what you use it for. If you’re using it to play games and watch a lot of videos, the the 930 will probably better for you. If you’re just texting and using Twitter, the cheaper version would be just fine.

Have you used a Nokia Windows phone before?



  1. Thanks for this review, I will probably not take any more I phone cause it’s too expensive for what it is, so I’m looking for alternative and this phone sounds cool!

  2. Glad you had fun playing with the newer phone! 🙂 It does sound like it has some lovely apps. The most common thing you hear is that there aren’t as many apps for windows phones!
    I’m pretty happy with my android but I’m a big google user so I like the ease of flicking between accounts and all the backups it does for me, so I’m going to be sticking with android for a while 🙂

  3. Cortana sounds more fun than Siri. I’m glad you showed the difference in photo quality between the Lumia 930 and iPhone 6. The latter still looks better to me.

  4. This is a great review on the phone, Corinne. I can’t remember when was the last time I used a Nokia, I switched to iPhone in 2010 and there was just no looking back since.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Interesting to know the differences I would definitely need the newer version for film and photo storage. I have just got one through work have been impressed with the filming quality perfect for vloggers Lucy x

  6. Oh, man. I’m sortakinda pretty obsessed with the Windows interface. If the iPhone wasn’t so gosh darn awesome, I’d be all over the Windows cellphones like white on rice. #HeartsInEyes

  7. Never used a Nokia phone unless you count the brick phone back in them days haha… I just switched to Apple a few months ago and I won’t be going back to Android. I like the simplicity of Apple products and the power it comes with as well.

  8. I have an iPhone that is currently being fixed so using my old Xperia Z and I am loving it! Never really thought about getting a Nokia phone but definitely will most likely not get another iPhone!

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