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10 tips to help you save money

  After my recent posts on trying to get myself set up well financially, some of you were interested in some tips to save some…


money saving tips


After my recent posts on trying to get myself set up well financially, some of you were interested in some tips to save some extra cash.

While this isn’t something I’m an expert on, it’s something that I’ve been looking into doing recently and I’ve been coming up with some practical and realistic ways I can save some money.

10 Money Saving Tips

money saving tips

1. Wait 24 hours before buying online.

I’m such an impulse buyer. I can go from not ever thinking about a product, to it being in my Amazon basket in 2 minutes. The internet makes this really easy to do.

Every time you want to buy something online, put it in your shopping basket but then wait a day before actually buying it.

When you come back to it, consider if you really need it.

Half the time you’ll realise it’s not something you need.

Bonus tip: put the money it would have cost into your savings instead.

2. Eat before you leave the house.

While you’re out and about, it might seem nothing to spend £2 on a sandwich and a quid on a bottle of coke. Or if you’re a coffee addict, you might find yourself dropping £4.99 on a skinny-mocha-latta-cha-double-expresso-locomo with two pumps of caramel.

Eat or drink before you leave the house so you don’t find yourself splashing out on food you don’t need. Take your own liquid with you.

I usually take a tea or coffee in a flask on the way to work and if I’m going out shopping, snowboarding or meeting friends, I’ve got a few drinks from Degustabox that I’ll just grab and go.

3. Top Cashback.

Top cashback is a site that allows you to earn a bit of money back when you shop online. When you do need to buy something online, it’s worth checking if the website works with Top Cashback.

It works on a percentage of sales so it’s better if you’re buying something expensive like car insurance, sky or a phone contact.

4. Be wary of sales.

Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean you need it.

Sales can be temping because you feel like you’re saving money, when really you’re spending extra money on something you never wanted in the first place

Only shop in sales if you’re looking for something specific!

5. Have a one in one out policy.

Keep your life simple by keeping on top of your belongings as well as what’s in your bank account.

Have a one in/one out policy. If you buy something new, it’s time to retire something else from your wardrobe.

I always feel much better when I have less things weighing me down.

6. Look for discount codes.

If I ever need a new dress or shoes for an event, I’ll Google ‘shop name discount code‘ before I do so. I’ve had many 20% discounts from ASOS by doing this!

7. Use up beauty products before buying more.

I have 3 foundations opened, 3 mascaras, loads of eyeshadow, 3 eyeliners…

There is absolutely no reason for me to buy anymore of these until I’ve ran out or they’ve gone off.

This is something I’ve been really determined to do and I’ve not bought a make-up item, moisturiser or face product in months. I’ve got loads to use up still!

8. Shop the reduction section.

I get a lot of my fruit and vegetables from the reduction section. Some may be dated for that day but will last a few days longer. Bagged salad usually gets an extra 3-4 days and most fruit.

Bread is good for this too, I’ve had bread up to a week after it’s sell by date. And I survived.

9. Use cash.

Swiping everything on a card is easy, but you can lose track on what you’re spending.

Having cash lets you budget easier as you can take out so much per week and work to make it last.

One of my housemates gives me rent in cash (I pay the landlord the full amount and they pay me their share). I then try to make this money last as long as possible and won’t use my card until it’s ran out. I use it for food, petrol and anything else I might need during the month. The goal is to make it last the month.

10. Know what you own.

By regularly going through your products and clothes, you can have a real sense of what you own. I always rediscover things in the back of my wardrobe that I forgot existed!

You can even make a list of what you have, so the next time you get tempted to buy that red Mac lippy, you’ll realise you already have 8 other red lipsticks.

 What are your money saving tips?



  1. great post! thanks for sharing with us! its really usefull your tips.

    would you like to follow each other? If you follow me, please let me know.
    I will follow you back for sure. thank you so much! =D

  2. Brilliant tips as always Corinne, I certainly do the 1 in 1 out rule to save space and eating before you go out is great advice as it tends to be healthier too

  3. This is such a great post! I agree with point 4, 9 and 10 so much! I think another good way to save money is to have a ‘want list’, like a shopping list of things you want, and if they’ve been on the list for a while, say a few weeks, then you can go and buy it. I have wasted so much money from buying something just because I wanted it that day! I suppose this ‘want list’ idea is similar to your first point.

  4. I’ve made a database of my expenses. I put in them all information for example how much money I spent on what and where. I do these database monthly and I can see how I spent my money 🙂

  5. Great post & tips! I am usually pretty good at saving money but it’s always fun reading posts like this 🙂

  6. Fab tips! I save money by never giving it away to Starbucks and I always try to buy my grocery staples on sale.

  7. I agree!! When I swipe my card its easier but I always fall short because I dont get to see and feel the money


  8. These are brilliant tips, Corinne! I agree with eating before leaving home, we started doing that because we realized we buy ridiculous amount of groceries when we’re hungry!

    I recently have been googling for discount codes too, I’m actually surprise how many exist out there!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. These tips are super useful! I especially agree with number six aha, and the “one in one out policy”, good idea aha.

    Little Moon Elephant

  10. There are some really great tips here. I’ve only just discovered your blog from you commenting on mine, and the layout is so nice!

    Holly x

  11. Good tips! I try to eat before going to buy food as I feel the need to buy more if I’m hungry, it helps. I also try to implement the 24 hours rule, it saved me a few pounds this week 🙂
    I have to remember to search for discount codes, sounds like a very good idea.

  12. Fantastic post lady! I put all my loose change in a piggy bank- 10, 20 and 50ps that I don’t miss then twice a year have about £80 to go shop with guilt free!

  13. great tips, I do try to follow some of these myself regularly!


    Inspirations Have I None // GIVEAWAY

  14. Every single one of these tips is fab 🙂 I find setting a budget at the beginning of the month helps me to know where I’m up to – if I don’t I loose track and complete deviate from my saving goals!

    1. I’m so bad at keeping track! I feel like there’s so many things I need to keep a track of in my life.

  15. Great tips! Really useful! I think I’m harsh on my self sometimes because I am good compared to others.. I always take my own water everywhere and I eat before I leave, and I’m making sure I use up all my beauty samples atm before I buy more! 🙂

    Becca xx

  16. Great tips! I’ve found taking my own lunch to work and keeping snacks in my locker for breaks has saved me a small fortune too. When cooking, always make too much – then have the left overs for lunch the next day, much more exciting than a sandwich!

    Do you have a jar for coppers and small change? I empty my purse at the end of every week of everything copper or a 5p, I also put 50p pieces in a separate savings tube too, it really adds up!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  17. “Wait 24 hours before buying online” – it’s really very useful advice!!! Corinne, great post! Thanks for sharing))

  18. I’m not sure how many banks have this options but I’m with Lloyds Bank and I have the save the change thing set up. So when I buy something for say £14.50 it’s rounded up to the nearest £ and the 50p goes to your savings account. It’s great if you’re not so good on the old petrol pump and you always go over to £30.01 then the 99p goes into your savings anyway 😛
    It works just as well with cash. I save £2 coins in a wedding fund jar- one of those unbreakable ones. Also every couple of days I go through my purse and anything that is not a £1 goes into a physical jar. Once it’s full I can bag it and take it to the bank and put it straight into my savings. 🙂
    Victoria xx

  19. Love this post <3 such a good idea about waiting 24 hours before buying..must remember that!!:) Chloe xx

  20. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I was just chatting about house prices with a friend today, I’ve really got to put more cash in savings.

    I see your three open foundations and raise you about a dozen. THE SHAME!

  21. While I usually wait a few days before purchasing anything online, I love the tip about putting the would-be used money into savings instead! Knowing what you own is a great tip too, I always consider if I already have something similar and if the new piece would make that much of a difference in my wardrobe.

  22. Eating before you go out is a great way to save money and the one in one out rule. My best rule is never buying on impulse leaving it a while and considering if I really need it Lucy x

  23. I love the one in/one out policy it’s such a great way to save money but also not be surrounded by clutter.

  24. I’ve recently started doing the wait a day thing and you’re so right, most of the time you don’t need it. I get bored and shop during my breaks at work and I’m still trying to make myself realise I do not need to be shopping all of the time.

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