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How I look after my DSLR

I’m totally one of those people that know they should do certain things but still don’t. Like, I don’t wash my car enough and I sometimes take…


how to look after your dslr

I’m totally one of those people that know they should do certain things but still don’t. Like, I don’t wash my car enough and I sometimes take my makeup off with face wipes. Oops.

That’s my approach to looking after my camera. I know I should, but I’m not very good at it.

When I was on holiday in Florida, one of the workers in Disney looked at me in disgust as I pulled my camera straight out of my bag, no lens cap or ‘owt, and asked him to take a photo. He cleaned the lens and told me I should look after my camera better. Awkward.

How you look after your camera will have an effect on how long it lasts and also the quality if your photos.

So, in an attempt at a bit of self motivation, here’s a list of things that you (and I) should do to take care of your DSLR camera.

How to take care of your DSLR

how to look after your dslr

1. Cleaning your lens. 

Some lenses can be more expensive as your camera body. They can also outlive your camera so it’s important to take good care of them.

You can clean your lens with a microfibre cloth, lens cleaning tissue/paper or with a cloth specifically designed for cameras while out and about.

Using normal tissues or your clothes can leave dust and lint on your camera. Boo.

You can also use a lens cleaning solution for a more thorough clean while at home.

2. Cleaning the body.

It always feels so scary and exposed when you take the lens off. Poor camera.

While it might be tempting to blow dust out of your camera using your mouth, doing this could cause moisture accumulation.

You should use a soft dry brush, or one of those blowy things like I have (what’s the technical term for those?).

how to look after your dslr

3. Avoid extreme temperatures.

You want to keep your camera dry for obvious reasons. Protect it from the rain and be careful getting those beach shots on holiday – humidity can play havoc with your DSLR. If it’s a hot day, don’t leave it in your car, either.

Also avoid bringing it from a cold to a warm room as condensation can damage your image sensor.

4. Cap it.

The lens cap can protect your lens not only from scratches and dust, but if your camera falls, it’s the lens that will take most of the damage. It’s so easy to clip your lens back on and will save you a lot of money if you drop your camera or knock it!

Most lenses will come with both a front and back lens cap, but if not, you can get cheap ones off Amazon.

how to look after your dslr

5. Bag it.

It’s a good idea to use a padded carry case for your camera. Get a big big enough to fit your camera, lenses and batteries. This will stop you getting dust all over your kit as well as prevent it from getting knocked and damaged in transit.

6. Take it to the shop.

If you notice dust and smudges on your photos, there might be dust or dirt trapped on the filter that covers your image sensor. While you can clean it yourself by setting it on mirror lock, I wouldn’t recommend messing or touching the mirrors or image sensor unless you know what you’re doing.

It can be an expensive mistake if you do something wrong, so take it to a shop to get them to clean it for you.

Check outs these tips from Currys.

How good are you at cleaning your camera?



  1. I just realised how lack of care I take of my camera eekk! The only thing I do is cap it, avoid high temperatures and bag it;p thank you for the tips 🙂 x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  2. I really don’t look after my camera half as much as i should, just looking at it now, i’ve left it on my dresser with the SD flap open!! whoops! great post thank you <3 xx

    Kirsty Leigh // A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. All great tips and advice. They are so expensive that giving them some TLC is very much needed. My school report would say must try harder so I will read this again and apply Lucy x

  4. I’ve just got a fancy camera and I’m sooo careful with it! Hopefully this carefulness lasts though x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. That’s some great advice. It’s so important to keep them clean and dry. Handbags aren’t the best place for them but I can understand why people want to carry them in there…the camera bags disguised as hand bags are perfect for that as they’re padded but also give you a handbag.

  6. Good post, it really is worth looking after these cameras because you will be gutted if it broke and you had to spend money to get a new one! Another tip I would say is you should also be very careful when having the body separated from the lens. If any dust what so ever gets into the body or inside the lens you will have dust in your camera which you can not get out. This means all of your photographs will have dust marks which are annoying and frustrating as you can not clean the inside of your camera.
    Same with the body don’t leave it unattached from the lens facing upwards unless you have a cover for the body and a cover for the lens (the bit that attaches to the body)

  7. I can’t stop giggling at the thought of a Disney cast member telling you off! He probably did it with a smile and told you to have a nice day after reprimanding you, love it!

    I don’t have a DLSR but I’m starting to get ocd about keeping the more expensive things I buy in top condition. Maybe it’s a sign I’m becoming a grown up (never!) but I suddenly want things to stay looking new and to last!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  8. Yeah, that would be a bit awkward if someone took my camera and cleaned it first! WoW… very awkward! I have “cough” wiped down my camera. I have a Sony Handycam, and really love it, but I hardly ever clean it! Who knows, maybe I’ll start cleaning it! Great post!

  9. I don’t enjoy but since I use my DSLR for work as well as blogging, I do my best to look after and keep it clean. I usually clean the body every two weeks and my lens after a job.

  10. These are great tips!!! It is always really important to take good care of your camera!
    Melanie @

  11. It’s almost like this post was intended for me haha! I don’t take care of my DSLR too well 🙁 It’s full of scratches now actually. Thanks for this!

  12. Good tips – for most any camera really, even a little point and shoot! All cameras need to be taken care of 🙂

    My sister had a little point and shoot that stopped working so well, so she got a new one for Christmas, and promptly that one stopped working too. Turns out if you put a camera in your back pocket and sit on it, it doesn’t cope too well…haha! Not that I can talk, I dropped my ridiculously expensive camera and damaged the lens. lucky only the lens, but like you said in your post the lens is almost as expensive as the camera body sometimes!

  13. Oh golly, I’m awful at looking after my camera – mine’s just chuckedin my bag without a cap or anything too. My excuse it’s quicker to take pictures that way!

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