The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance

Back in December, I was sent one of the new scents by Library of Fragrance to try out. I had picked Thunderstorm hoping that it would remind me of rainy summer days and child. And it did! So when they dropped an e-mail about some further samples, I was like YES YES.

The Library of Fragrance

I was sent another sample of Thunderstorm and one of Baby Powder.

Now, Baby Powder smells exactly how you would expect it to smell. Like a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder. It’s actually really refreshing!

I do love the Thunderstorm scent because they capture that rain on a hot day smell perfectly, but it’s not very wearable. Where as the Baby Powder is something I’d totally wear!

The Library of Fragrance The Library of Fragrance

If you’ve never heard of The Library of Fragrance before, you should check them out. They’re a company that has a library of unique and different scents – such as dirt, snow, gin and tonic. It’s quite interesting!

They also are stocked in Boots if you want to go in and try the testers.

Have you tried any perfumes from The Library of Fragrance before?



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