Kenco Millicano Dark Roast // Coffee vs Gangs

Kenco Millicano Dark Roast

I’m a bit of a coffee addict.

I didn’t realise how much coffee a drank until I sat down and counted. On a normal work day, I drink around 10 cups. Doom. I’ve been cutting back lately to 1-2 cups a day.

There’s just nothing like that first cup of coffee in a morning. Ahhh.

So naturally, when I had the chance to try out the new Kenco Millicano Dark Roast, I said yes. A day later, these came through my letter box.

Kenco Millicano Dark Roast

I’m not a coffee snob, by any means. I usually buy the Tesco Gold blend coffee. It’s not particularly expensive and does the job well.

The Millicano Dark Roast is delicious and has made me re-think my ‘meh whatever’ approach to coffee. Though I’m a coffee lover, I’m not an expert – so I’m unable to explain coffee in posh words, in it’s aroma, in it’s richness and what not. But what I can say is that this tasks like filter coffee from a coffee shop.

And I love it.

 Kenco Millicano Dark Roast

I was also fascinated to hear about Kenco’s coffee vs gangs project.

Honduras is one of the words largest coffee producers. But unfortunately, due to poverty and not many job opportunities, young people often fall into gangs and crime.

The project is training 20 young people in the coffee trade. After almost a year of training, they should have the skills and a business plan to have their own coffee farm. They’ll be qualified and have lessons in literacy, math and English to help them get on with life.

It’s aim is to give these young people the opportunity for a brighter future.

Kenco Millicano Dark Roast

What’s your favourite coffee? Or are you a tea lover?


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