5 things you shouldn’t do on Twitter

The blogging world is full of bad habits. Mainly in forms of spammy ways to try and get yourself noticed. With so many people doing…

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The blogging world is full of bad habits.

Mainly in forms of spammy ways to try and get yourself noticed. With so many people doing it, new or naive bloggers often don’t even realise they’re doing anything wrong.

I’ve already wrote a post on how to use Twitter to get traffic to your blog, here are some of the ways that you shouldn’t use my favourite social media site.

1. Follow and unfollow and follow and unfollow.

Stop following me on Twitter and then unfollowing me, then following me again. It becomes really obvious when your name and picture keeps coming up on my Twitter feed.

It’s not good etiquette to mass follow people in hopes they follow back, then unfollow everyone, only to follow loads of accounts again.

I never follow people back just because they’ve followed me. And never will. Unless Taylor Swift follows me, then I’d probably follow her back. I love you, Taytay.

You know what gets me to follow someone on Twitter? When they’ve interacted with me and had a conversation. Or if their Tweets are as funny as shit.

2. Gate Crash Chats

Lot’s of people will spam their link in the middle of a chat using the hashtag. Not just bloggers, but brands and other accounts wanting to get views.

Though sometimes it can be done innocently, for example if you schedule your Tweets with the lbloggers/bboggers hashtag and it publishes during a chat (probably guilty!).

But there are times when it’s done with the intention of getting people from the chat to view your posts without actually joining in.

This is such a wasted opportunity because by just joining in the chats, you’ll probably start to make friends with other bloggers who will naturally follow and have a nosey at your blog.

By just spamming your link, you’ll be seen as someone to avoid.

3. Add to lists, then delete from lists, then add again.

This is done by both companies and bloggers. I’ve been added to ‘inspirational bloggers’, ‘lbloggers’, ‘best bloggers’ lists over and over again by the same people.

I’m not sure what the intention is behind this, I can only assume that it’s to flatter me by being adding to such a lovely list and hope I follow them.


4. Tweet me your link.

Every so often, I’ll get a random link Tweeted to me. If I go onto that person’s profile, I’ll see they’ve tweeted the same link to 500 other people. No.


5. Ignore mentions.

If someone Tweets you, replying is just a nice thing. Even if it’s just a thank you!

I also make sure I thank anyone that’s given me a shoutout across Twitter.

When you’re new to blogging, you might want to consider thanking people for following, favouriting and retweeting too. It’s a great way to get interacting with others and make new friends. It just gets unrealistic when you start getting a certain amount.

What things do you see people doing wrong on Twitter?


  1. Ahh following then unfollowing is the most annoying thing! Drives me mad! I don’t really mind the gatecrashing twitter chats, I just ignore it, and I’m sure I schedule tweets during the lbloggers and fbloggers chats cos I use those hashtags all the time. They’re used so often I don’t think it’s possible to not gatecrash! Other chats though you gotta know the hashtag and it’s pretty obvious if someone is crashing those ones! xo

  2. The only thing that actually bothers me on twitter is when people tweet too much. As in, every little single detail about their life. Besides that I don’t care too much. Although the follow & unfollow thing is just annoying.

  3. I saw this post and felt worried wondering if I was guilty of any of these and thankfully I’m not.
    I never noticed the follow/unfollow thing till I downloaded unfollowers. Its annoying!!

  4. I don’t use Twitter although I do have an account – these points are quite universal though. I think the main rule in social media if you want any sort of longevity is to be genuine. If youre not interested in what someone is putting out there, you dont have to follow… if youre just constantly selling and not genuinely engaging, people will become wise pretty quickly.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  5. I never thought I could interrupt chat when I scheduled a tweet for the wrong time. Actually I don’t even know when the chats are. Probably should check that out…

  6. I second all of these and on the tweeting me with your link thing, I had someone today using my name to try to sell crocodile skin sofas – horrid!

  7. This is an awesome post! I totally agree with everything you said. There’s a blogger whose name I won’t mention who followed me and then tweeted me saying “see you at the event tonight!” and as soon as I followed her, she unfollowed me. And no, she did not say hi to me at the event even though we crossed paths lol.

    Social media is a great way to promote your blog and your brand, but do so with class 🙂

  8. These are great tips! I’m super bad when it comes to twitter! If I get retwetted I normally like their post– is that an okay thing to do? Am I suppose to do more?
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  9. I agree with these 😀 I do schedule my posts and sometimes on purpose to go live during chats, but I hope that’s not obnoxious..

    the list thing is still new to me. I just created my first list, but it was only so I would remember a few users.

  10. I don’t have a twitter account, but I hate it when people follow me on instagram and unfollow me 3 days later… ahah great post dear! xoxo

  11. I think I’m guilty of number two a lot! I schedule tweets and totally forget about what chats are on. I try to stay away from the 8-9pm slot but I almost always forget. Great post hun!

  12. ‘Some bloggers’ or ‘some people’ tweets. You know the ones, bitching about a person indirectly to followers who have no idea what the hell you’re on about. It comes across so petty.

    Point two might be a controversial one, but those positive thinking ones wreck my head. They’re so wishy washy and twee.

    Oh, and I’m not sorry for unfollowing humble braggers. It’s a new phenomenon and I can’t stand it. Like ‘Ugh, I’m too full for this five course meal that my supermodel partner bought me in this five star hotel that’s on the island I own.’ NO! Just out with it and brag if you want, people will probably be happy for you. Number one pet peeve!

  13. I’m put off by people tweeting their links to me as well. And also people who follow me just for a giveaway and immediately unfollow right after it ends. Just not cool.

  14. Funny coz I mentioned you.. Lol. Follow/unfollow is the standard protocol on all “follow” type social media platforms it seems like. Kind of an attention-seeking play.

  15. Following/unfollowing gets on my nerves too, even though I don’t have a huge following. Unfortunately it happens a lot on Instagram, too ;(

  16. YES to all of these! i don’t get the lists thing either. i throw a side eye when i see i’m on an “inspirational bloggers” list. like really? i’m not following them!

  17. So much truth in this 🙂 I really could go on and on and on about social and bloggers (and a lot of companies if I’m honest!)

  18. I agree with all of these. My personal most annoying twitter habit that apparently a lot of people would disagree with is sending automated direct messages to people if they follow you trying to get you to like more of their social accounts ugggggh

    Ash | Liakada Travel

  19. This is one of my top favourite posts from you and yes to all especially the follow and unfollow crap! Hate it and it makes the person look bad.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  20. Agree to all of the above so true the follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow drives me up the wall. Great to have a nod to do rather than to do Lucy x

  21. I would interact more Tweets I confess that I do not put much energy to that network, but agree to the point where you say you follow and unfollow only to gain new followers is a bad practice.

  22. I never really noticing following and unfollowing on Twitter but certainly do on Instagram. I’ve made myself look like such a fool when I’ve noticed a blogger who I used to look up to follow me and I thanked them to find they unfollowed me the very next day! 🙁 xx

  23. No. 4 this bugs me more than anything ! And the links during chats after fair play but not during Great post !

  24. I BLOODY HATE LISTS because people often follow, add me to them and unfollow me, in a double whammy of annoyingness of trying to get me to follow THEM.

    I’m probably guilty of scheduling hashtags during chats at times, but I find it hard to get involved in #bbloggers now because it’s CONSTANTLY full of links!

  25. I should follow, unfollow, and then follow you again just to be annoying. Just kidding. What is with people doing the follow-unfollow thing. Just wait for people to follow you by engaging on Twitter or posting great content. I think the most annoying thing is when I send a new follower a DM to sincerely thank them, they send me back info and links to their website.
    Thanks for these tips, Corinne.

  26. I love these posts so much! I still consider myself quite new to blogging and to regularly using Twitter so I find all of your posts so informative! Thank you 🙂

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