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#socialbloggers 57 // Blogging and your Phone

OH MAN YOUR PHONE CAN PLAY SNAKE????? Remember when that seemed magical? Ohh, Nokia 5110. How I miss you. In 2015, it’s hard to imagine life…




Remember when that seemed magical? Ohh, Nokia 5110. How I miss you.

In 2015, it’s hard to imagine life with a phone like that.

Phones are basically computers. They can do most things a computer can do and there’s an app for most things.

Before I started blogging, I always had a constant need to be on the internet. To be connected and to have my social media just a finger tap away. Blogging has only increased my internet addiction. Now I need not only social media close by, but my camera, my e-mail and Chrome.

There are many ways you can use your phone to help you with blogging. Whether it’s making a simple list of things you need to do, drafting a post, updating social media or checking your e-mails – phones just make our lives easier.

How do you use yours alongside your blog?

Q1: Do you write blog posts on your phone? How?

Q2: How do you use your phone/apps to stay organised?

Q3: Do you use any photo apps for your blog?

Q4: What apps are most helpful for bloggers?

Q5: If you could create your own app, what would it be/do?

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  1. Hahaha Corinne the funny thing is that my handsome bearded fellow just broke his phone and has had to revert back to that old Nokia we can’t imagine anymore! It’s hilariously basic. Don’t think he’s tried Snake out again – remember how freaking addictive that game was?! Hahaha

  2. I’ve been so busy this weekend I missed all the chats so I loved using this to catch up on what was said. I didn’t have a laptop for a large period of time so was sharing my boyfriends and attempting to use my phone. Phone = big fail, none of the blogging apps quite seemed to publish my post how I wanted, the formatting was all incorrect. They need to definitely revamp the blogger app or create a third party. I finally have a laptop though so woo, I’ve just started using Lightroom to edit my photos and the results are phenomanal, I’ve been so impressed!

    Kristy |

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to write a full post on a phone! I’ve made some edits when I’ve noticed spelling mistakes!

  3. I cannot ever imagine my life without my phone or my tablet. Especially as a blogger, these gadgets are essential.

  4. I find it hard to read blogs on my phone cos I mostly comment on them I use the WordPress app to upload photos from my phone and save it as drafts. It’s easier that way.

    And I use my phone for editing filters but I use my laptop for adding a text on a photo.

    1. I will sometimes read if I’m on twitter and something catches my eye, but I’m mainly a laptop/desktop gal!

  5. Ha, I was amazing at snake, love that game. I’ve never used my phone for blog posts, but it is so useful with twitter and other social media pages to keep up with and reply and answer emails when I am on the move. I wouldn’t get half of what I do get done, done if I didn’t have my phone!! Happy Monday xx

    1. Haha, I thought I was pretty good at snake too! I can’t reply to e-mails on my phone as I don’t have it set up properly. I should look into that!

  6. It’s so cool being able to see all these different answers about how bloggers use their phones. I honestly don’t use mine much when it comes to blogging, but I do agree that the blogger app needs improving. If it were better maybe I actually would write some stuff from my phone. But probably not. Nothing beats a laptop πŸ˜‰

    The Life of Little Me

  7. I use the notes app when I’ve got inspiration on the bus or something haha! I’ve found uploading directly from your phone means when you finally see it on a laptop you need to alter photo sizes, etc. as you can’t do it on the blogger app!
    cottonandcandie xx

  8. Oops, I did it again… and missed another #socialbloggers chat *boo hiss*.

    This looks like a really interesting topic too! I often write blog post ideas in my notes as I tend to think of them at the randomest times eg when I’m dropping off to sleep.


    definitely still singing Britney…

  9. Considering I’m being stubborn and still using a very old Blackberry, blogging from my phone is 100% impossible. I use my iPad Mini a fair amount though to blog, or at least to check up on things to do with regard to blogging πŸ™‚

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  10. This was a fun one! I keep notes and take photos with my phone but I’ve never actually tried to blog with it.

  11. This week been killing me that I didn’t join any chat, not even one or half!

    I’m surprise to see how many bloggers write with their phone, I only use iPhone 6 for pictures and that is only for Instagram. But back in the days when I first started blogging, I did use my iPhone 5 for pictures because I didn’t own a proper camera. But other than that, my phone is solely for Twitter and IG in the blogging aspect.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. This was a nice conversation! I use my phone to just edit posts at time because I’m in front of the computer for about 8 hours a day so that gives me enough time to write posts. However, I’m wondering whether I should now download the blogger app….

    1. It’s good for editing and drafting posts! I don’t have blogger though so it might have been updated since I last used it.

  13. I can’t imagine going back to that basic phone era EVER again, it will be harder than we can even imagine.
    I am with Jadirah’s idea. There should be an app for Instagram scheduling.

  14. Wait, can we still play snake on our phones? If not how the heck did we lose that amazing feature?!

    I can’t do much bloggy on my phone. I feel like my fat thumbs are always getting in the way πŸ˜€

  15. I don’t write posts on my phone but I use it to take blog pics sometimes (like now, when I’m cameraless!) I love using the Twitter app to keep up with chats and promote blog posts too x

    Josie’s Journal

  16. Honestly I do not write my posts from my cell phone is uncomfortable, but I use it enough to upgrade my social networks, take pictures for instagram, and reply to messages or emails.

  17. I try not to use my phone for blogging at all. I like having high quality photos, so I have made it a habit to reach for my better quality camera. I can’t stand typing on my phone, so I don’t prep blog posts. If anything, I like to use it to catch up on social media (i.e., Instagram and Twitter).

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  18. When I first started my blog I instantly got the blogger app because I had figured I could do some from my phone but as quickly as I downladed I realized I didn’t really like the interface and I prefered to do my posts on the computer so I was confident with the formatting I wanted. I personally use the notes app to take down ideas and thoughts then either email it or just look at it while I type on my computer. I know some who uses WordPress though and really likes the app of that. I think a lot is personal preference of what you feel comfortable with! I definitely use my phone 90% of the day though – updating social media and reading/commenting on other blogs is what I use my phone for most!

    1. It’s just hard to type long things on a phone, isn’t it? I like the wordpress app for reading and replying to comments but that’s about it.

  19. DId you know that you can actually download the nokia snake as an app:p I should probably use my phone more but it always drains my battery quite quickly and I’m not sure why I never seem to have inspiration when writing posts on my phone. I do use it to take photos though πŸ™‚ x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  20. An interesting discussion I generally use Notes to create ideas for stories, I used to edit loads on my phone but not now I prefer to use a laptop Lucy x

  21. I just find the Blogger app very frustrating to use. I usually start writing a post in the notes on my phone and email it to myself to work on more once I’m at a computer. I prefer reading blogs on the computer too, as I find it too fiddly to comment from my phone.

  22. Sometimes I just have to get things down so I write ever so quickly on my phone. But the WordPress app messes up sometimes πŸ™ No good!

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