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#socialbloggers 56 // Creating Community

A big part of blogging is.. well.. other bloggers. When I first set up my blog over two years ago, I knew ziltch about the…


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A big part of blogging is.. well.. other bloggers.

When I first set up my blog over two years ago, I knew ziltch about the community side of blogging.

Well, actually, I knew ziltch about anything. But that’s a whole different story.

I didn’t realise how big the blogging world was. It’s almost as if it’s divided into categories, or niches. Based on the topic of blogs, the age of the bloggers, the location of the blogger…

I didn’t use Twitter during my first year of blogging. I created bit of conversation through my comment section and spoke to bloggers all over the world. I knew very few UK bloggers and only knew of one blogger who lived in Leeds (I’m looking at you, Laura).

It wasn’t until I joined in January 2014 that I realised how big the UK community was. There’s actually loads of bloggers in Leeds and Yorkshire. There’s loads of bloggers all over the country. And you know what? They’re really easy to find and talk to once you know how.

It’s as easy has searching hashtags, joining Twitter chats and commenting on blogs.

The only hard thing about finding and creating a community is taking the time to do it!

Anyway, enough of my babble, let’s get onto the questions and the chat.

Noor did a great job with this topic, I really liked the questions she picked and hope you enjoy reading the roundup!

Q1: In what ways you help + support other bloggers? Share your favourite methods

Q2: How do YOU want other bloggers to support you & your work? And why?

Q3: Bloggers are a community. How do you manage to stay in community except of just posting on blog?



Q4: What’s the best way to form a community (even little one) on your own blog? Have you tried it?

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  1. These are great topics, I like the first one, I think showing support is a great way to build a community and base of readers and fellow bloggers. I think there should be more of it really. Great way to find new people too…super topics! I really must try to be on Twitter for one of these soon 🙂 x

  2. An interesting chat when I started I didn’t realise there was a blogging community at all and now it is one of the things that I love about blogging. I like to be genuine reading people’s content and interacting. It is nice when people do the same Lucy x

  3. I did not use twitter than and still I just post and answer to anyone but my time schedule makes it impossible to interact in all my media.

  4. I’m always on Twitter and Instagram! I comment on my favourite blogs every day, assuming I have time, because I know how nice it is to get feedback.

    Blogging in Ireland is relatively small, so everyone eventually meets at the launches/press days. We’re a tight group!

  5. Even though a lot of people, including myself, don’t actually answer the questions asked at the end of the post when they comment, just by asking them makes it more friendly and approachable and it looks like the blogger cares what your opinion is.

    My favourite way of sharing the love is commenting and engaging with the blogger on Twitter. Amy x

  6. Blog comments are always great and makes me feel good when someone actually have the time to leave a comment on my blog.. Its awesome feedback

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. This is definitely one of the best Twitter chat topics that I have seen so far and it’s sad that I missed it. :-/

    I have been trying to communicate with other bloggers through Twitter and I much say it’s definitely one of the best communicating app out there.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. India is a huge country but bloggers arent all that common here. And even in blogging, I feel there is a very high number of beauty bloggers here compared to fashion bloggers. Though I’m predominantly a fashion blogger, I loooove reading beauty blogs!

  9. One of the many things I like about writing is also building relationships with other bloggers. It’s fun and inspiring to write.

  10. Why do I always miss this chat? Every time I read your round up I am like ‘so bookmarking this so I can join in’. But do I remember? Nope. Looks like I missed a good one!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. Great questions! We love to support other blogs and I find just commenting back if they look at ours or helping them out if they need any help (though we might not know much but well help out where we can) Just love how supportive everyone is 😀


  12. I’m so sad because I haven’t been able to participate in blog chats with work. It was easy when I was in school to have the time to join in or have it up in the background on my laptop and chime in when I coild, but with the time change I’m still at work when they happen. I’m going to try to see if I can start to make a lunch time around them whenever possible though! Even though I’m not able to do chats right now, I still love staying on top of reading and commenting! I’ve loved the blogging community from day 1!<3

  13. I think that interact among those discussed my blog helps a lot to keep my blogging community, a sincere comment I think is very valuable, attend events in my city helps me learn more bloggers, another thing I like to do is to maintain contact social networks.

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