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#socialbloggers 55 // Winging It

Today’s #socialbloggers chat is brought to you from my bed. I’m hungover. I’m not just hungover. I’m hung THE FUCK over. It’s terrible. My uncle…


Blaze On (3)

Today’s #socialbloggers chat is brought to you from my bed. I’m hungover.

I’m not just hungover. I’m hung THE FUCK over.

It’s terrible.

My uncle had a 65th birthday party on Saturday night. I went home to my parents and partied until 3am.

And now I’m paying for it.

It’s nearly 7pm and my head is till killing me and I feel like I want to die.

This is why I don’t drink anymore. Day ruiner!

There was a slight mixup with the chat on Saturday. Noor thought it was my week and I was driving home. I noticed around 6:30 when I wondered why I wasn’t getting any Tweets and managed to wing it by chucking in some random questions.

These things happen.

It’s all about how you respond.

The chat bounced back pretty well. People were chatting amongst themselves about food and chocolate already. The chat doesn’t even need me.

Hope you enjoy the general chat and feel free to answer the questions yourself in the comments!

Describe your perfect blogging day.

Do you have any blog rituals? Such as coffee/tea/music?

So it’s a Sunday morning and you’re browsing.. what posts catch yours eyes?


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  1. It was still a fun chat anyway despite the mix up! 🙂
    Also, I love that my typo just makes it look like I’m calling everyone a special blogger haha!

  2. A perfect blogging day would be an immensely productive one. Good thing you still managed to pull off the chat and hope you’re feeling much better now.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Hangovers must suck.
    The perfect blogging day is getting to read peoples blogs, we love it 😀


  4. I keep missing this chat because Saturday is usually family time. Really need to try this weekend.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Ahhhh I’m SO disappointed to have missed that chat, I would have loved it! Thank you for sharing it with us though. I’ll answer the question now though, my perfect blogging day is taking loads of good photos (in bulk for different posts), editing and writing posts over a good cup of tea, answering all my lovely readers and catching up with other blogs 🙂

    1. Bulk photos are the best! I have to be in the right mood for editing photos because it’s not my favourite thing in the world.

  6. My perfect blogging day would be having a cool adventure exploring some where new and taking lots of photos, then curling up in bed to edit and write up the posts 🙂

    Bethany |

  7. Loved your “hung the f over” comment haha, my perfect blogging day is definitely getting the right lighting for my photos and writing like four scheduled posts 🙂
    cottonandcandie xx

  8. Hangovers are hell on earth. Plus, they’ve gotten worse as I’ve aged. Oh well.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  9. I hope the hangover was worth it and has gone now. This is an interesting chat, I definitely need to change how I blog, candles and food sounds a great way to write content Lucy x

  10. You still pulled it off as always!
    I really love a day where I’ve scheduled lots of posts and taken a million photos. I’m trying to achieve that today!
    Victoria xx

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