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Having your content shared across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and on other blogs is probably one of most satisfying, flattering thing that can happen to you….



Having your content shared across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and on other blogs is probably one of most satisfying, flattering thing that can happen to you.

For a post to create a emotion or reaction so strong that a reader shares it is a pretty good feeling.

Oh, it’s great for traffic too. And you might bag yourself a few extra readers.

While adding widgets and plugins to make it easier to share you posts, like the DiggDigg one I have to the left of the post, or the pin it button at the bottom, there’s other ways to make your content sharable.

Such as a clever or dramatic title. An interesting lead photo or if you’re able to make the actual post itself really hit home with your readers.

If it’s relatable, brings nostalgia, makes you nod and say ‘yes, I totally do that, too!’, makes you laugh or teaches you something new, it’s much more likely to be shared.

Have a look at how other bloggers make their content sharable and what encourages them to share other’s content.

Oh, and don’t forget to share this post 😉 

Q1: Do you try to make your content sharable? How?

Q2: Do you use widgets/plugins to help people share your posts?

Q3: Would you write a controversial post to get shares?

Q4: What makes you share a post on your social media/blog?

Q5: Have you ever had a post that’s got lot’s of shares?

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  1. I feel that whatever you post is up to you. If it is interesting to you write about it, if someone doesn’t like it its your blog so it is no big deal. Though this was great to see what people like to read/what people find share worthy.


  2. I think you can really tell when a controversial blog post is done through passion or done for shares. Personally, I’d skip blogs that do the latter.

    I don’t have much of a method, maybe I should! I’ll look into the pinterest buttons and that, thanks for the tip!

  3. Interesting topic for discussion! I don’t really try make my blog share-able. I’ve got the buttons there, but I don’t do more than that. My blog is the kinda blog I like to read and follow, so I post things that I find useful/helpful/interesting in my little personal style niche. I still share posts the old fashioned way, by bookmarking them or emailing them to friends that might be interested…so I haven’t really though about creating shareable content as such! I have seen some people say they have pinned my stuff on pinterest, but not enough to get any decent traffic.

  4. I share mine too but I can’t get to share it on Instagram and my personal Facebook. :/ I don’t want people I know in real life to know my blog. lol.

  5. Is your share thingy just for wordpress? I’m trying to find one that includes the bloggers twitter name in the shared tweet so that you would know when it had been shared.

    On the topic of having your posts shared. People that want more shares – do they share others posts themselves? People should do what they want to happen to them to others. That makes no sense, I hope you get the gist! xx

  6. I enjoyed reading through the answers on this one. I think good helpful /informational content is key when it comes to it being sharable. One of my most shared posts was about sun safety.

  7. I’ve been trying to get more active on social medias but it’s easier said than done. Most of the time my little one demands full attention and forget everything.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. I wouldn’t write a controversial post for views either but I would write it if I felt it needed to be said 🙂

    Lizzie Dripping

  9. In my blog I added buttons to share on social networks, but I’m thinking of using more sharing options on facebook. Happy week Corinne.

  10. Interesting topic, I find those that get shared have interesting content that people can engage with Lucy x

  11. I would feel pretty amazing if I got more shares but it doesn’t really happen. I think I need to read up on all this new technology, all these ways of sharing I didn’t even know about.

  12. For the past two days, I’m getting in teh habit of scheduling current and older posts for every hour of the day on Twitter starting either at 7 or 8am and then going on for 12-13 hours depending on my mood. It’s quite satisfying when I get an RT or a Favorite.

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