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OMG PURPLE // BassBuds



I’ve never really bothered with posh headphones before. I’ve always just used the apple ones that come with my iPhone. It wasn’t until BassBuds asked me to tweet about a competition they had going on in exchange for a pair of my choice that I really thought about it.

They didn’t ask me to write a blog post about them, by the way. I just did it because LOOK THEY’RE PURPLE!


What I like about them is you can change the soft plastic part that goes in your ears. I have the smallest ears in the world and earphones never stay in. I always hook them around my ear so they kind of rest and dangle, otherwise they fall right out.

I swapped them out for the smaller ones and they fit well. I even was able to run on the treadmill with them in! Woo.


I also like that it has a remote on them, so you can click it to pause music, double click to skip to the next track and triple click to go to the previous track.

There’s also a small microphone so you can use it as a hands free kit.


BassBuds BassBuds BassBuds

Have you ever used BassBuds before? What colour would you pick?

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