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OMG PURPLE // BassBuds

  I’ve never really bothered with posh headphones before. I’ve always just used the apple ones that come with my iPhone. It wasn’t until BassBuds…




I’ve never really bothered with posh headphones before. I’ve always just used the apple ones that come with my iPhone. It wasn’t until BassBuds asked me to tweet about a competition they had going on in exchange for a pair of my choice that I really thought about it.

They didn’t ask me to write a blog post about them, by the way. I just did it because LOOK THEY’RE PURPLE!


What I like about them is you can change the soft plastic part that goes in your ears. I have the smallest ears in the world and earphones never stay in. I always hook them around my ear so they kind of rest and dangle, otherwise they fall right out.

I swapped them out for the smaller ones and they fit well. I even was able to run on the treadmill with them in! Woo.


I also like that it has a remote on them, so you can click it to pause music, double click to skip to the next track and triple click to go to the previous track.

There’s also a small microphone so you can use it as a hands free kit.


BassBuds BassBuds BassBuds

Have you ever used BassBuds before? What colour would you pick?

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  1. Haven’t used these yet but they look fantastic. I am currently using Victoria’s Secret ones, I love ’em.

  2. I’ve never used bass buds before but omg purple! When my marshmallows die I may well pick up a pair of those 🙂

  3. Great colour choice really pretty. I have only just invested in a nice pair of ear phone buds and I love them. Best of all with these beauties you won’t spend your life un tangling them. I hate my apple ones for this reason Lucy x

  4. Great color and is good to have a comfortable pair these have extra ear buds that is a plus for me.

  5. Hey, wait, they’re purple!? 🙂

    I like this type of earphone best, they never fall out and the noise doesn’t leak. I’ve been forgetting to pick up a pair for ages, stuck with headphones that make my hair look like a mane!

    1. Yeah, I love that the noise doesn’t leak! There’s nothing worse when you’re running down a busy road and can’t hear properly.

  6. I never tried BassBuds before but I really like the purple ones you’ve chosen. They look so pretty! 😀

    Thanks for sharing Corinne! Have a great week!

  7. they’re bejeweled! I can’t use those because for some reason, they just won’t stay in my ears. I prefer the ones that came with my iPhone or the awesome Beats by Dre. Don’t know yet when I’ll get them, but when I do, it will be great 🙂

  8. Ben and I both have a pair of BassBuds and we love them! They are fabulous quality and look SO good! x

  9. They look good! I have a thing for purple stuff too. Totally random but this afternoon I was going out for brunch with my mom and there were these colorful construction pipes that my mom pointed out and I was like OMG the purple ones are so pretty! hahahah

  10. They are really cute! 🙂 I do like the purple. I’m always buying cheap headphones as I keep on losing mine, or breaking them..haha. Luckily I’ve had better luck with the ipod/phone I attach to the headphones, ha!

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