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Orelia Jewellery

Orelia is a British brand that launched in 2007. Their items can be found in Topshop as well as on their website.

They have a plenty of fashion jewellery as well as a fine jewellery selection, which offers something a little more classy and expensive.

They sent me this this mini-tusk necklace and this wishbone necklace to share on my blog.

I’m quite the dreamer, so good luck charms appeal to me. I think it’s from when I used to watch The Frog Prince, a really bad 80’s movie I had on VHS. It was probably my favourite film growing up. You can actually watch it on YouTube here. Ha. It’s about a Princess who meets a frog. She has a lucky golden ball. Oh, how I wanted a lucky golden ball. There’s a song about it and everything.

So thanks to The Frog Prince, I was totally that girl who had a good luck charm through all my GSCEs, A Levels and University exams. It was one of those crocodile clips. I stole it form science in year 9. I called it Henry. I carried it everywhere.

Which is why I picked the wish-bone and the tusk. Because they’re just a bit magical, aren’t they?

Orelia Jewellery Orelia Jewellery Orelia Jewellery Orelia Jewellery  Orelia JewelleryOrelia Jewellery Orelia Jewellery Orelia Jewellery

Did you have a good luck charm growing up?

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