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New skirt from Blue Vanilla

Skirt: c/o Blue VanillaNecklace: c/o ZophraShoes: ASOS I was sent this skirt from a site I’ve never heard of before. Blue Vanilla is the name, and…


Skirt: c/o Blue Vanilla
Necklace: c/o Zophra
Shoes: ASOS

blue vanilla skirts

I was sent this skirt from a site I’ve never heard of before. Blue Vanilla is the name, and cute clothing is the game. Okay, that was cheesy as fuck, but you get me.

They have a lovely range of clothing and accessories at pretty reasonable prices, I really like the blue vanilla skirts. You can get dresses for around £20-30. Win!

As spring is approaching, I’ve put together a wish list of things I’d love to add to my wardrobe from Blue Vanilla.

Shopping for clothes is sometimes fun, but it can also be difficult, especially when you do not know what you want. One item you should certainly look for is a go-to shirt you can wear whenever you want. There are plenty of casual and formal skirts out there, but finding a skirt that can do both is a bit more challenging. Typically, solid-coloured, medium-length skirts can be dressed down or up easily. Solid coloured skirts are also the easiest to accessorize in a variety of ways to get the exact results you want. However, patterned skirts are also unique and fun. Pairing one with a solid colored blouse for work or t-shirt for a casual night out is a great way to express personality and style.
dress1 dress2

They have lots of skirts with floral prints, dresses that are cut to the style I usually go for and the quality of the skirt I got was fantastic. It was really thick material that looked well made. It’s not usual for me to notice the quality of a product, but the quality of this piece was above average, in my eyes.

Do you like blue vanilla skirts? Which piece do you like the best? Do you

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  1. I love a good midi skirt and Blue Vanilla have some gorgeous pieces, I saw their concession in New Look the other day and had to walk by very quickly! x

  2. I actually love the middle dress on the top row, love it! And LMAO at ” Blue Vanilla is the name, and cute clothing is the game”. Oh gosh, Corinne, you never fail to make me laugh!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. What a beautiful skirt, looks gorgeous on you :)) Love how it swings around 🙂 They have great items, love the dress in the top row middle, perfect :)) xx

  4. What a beautiful skirt so cheery. I haven’t heard of this website but the clothes look lovely Lucy x

  5. I love floral prints and the designs seem to be what I go for 🙂 Cute dresses every time!! The skirt they sent you is perfect for Spring…you know, when Spring decides to show up!!! I want sunnnnn!!!

    Blue Vanilla is a lovely name as well!

    Emma xx


  6. The blue dress on the top right is gorgeous and my sort of fit too.I don’t know if they are skirts or dresses but the two on the bottom right I love too. I’m probably just going to give up on dresses though, i’m fighting a losing battle with them! x

  7. I usually prefer to spend my cash on beauty, but I’ve fallen for that skirt! It’s gorgeous!

  8. I like the dress number two the best. I enjoy the contrast of the white collar against the black and whitey print. Plus figure hugging always gets me going.

    So sweet you came for a blog visit!

  9. That skirt you got is beautiful! I love the print of it. It’s nice you were pleased with the company after getting an item – it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes so it’s good to find a new site you can shop and be happy with quality-wise 🙂

  10. I know this post is a little old but I saw the pattern of this skirt and had to click on it. It is just so cute and perfect! I love the bright florals against the black and just the style of the skirt. Definitely going to have to check out Blue Vanilla 🙂
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  11. Ah that is seriously gorgeous! That cut and pattern looks like the type that would suit any skirt from A-Line to skater style. You look stunning!


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