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Mum in a Million // A Mothers Day Competition

I don’t think you appreciate the shit your Mum puts up with until you’re an adult. And trust me, my Mum put up with a…



I don’t think you appreciate the shit your Mum puts up with until you’re an adult.

And trust me, my Mum put up with a lot of shit!

After having the misfortune of three boys who caused nothing but trouble, Mum gave up on the dream of having a little girl.

One of my brothers got expelled from school and never did his GSCE’s and another sold my Dad’s fishing gear to gamble.

Ten years after the birth of her third boy, she fell pregnant again. By accident. And that was the start of Corinne. A little unplanned egg that could be another stupid boy, or a perfect little princess.

It’s a good job I turned out to be the perfect princess because I don’t think my Mum could cope with another boy after all the hell my older brothers put her through!


Although I wasn’t exactly the daughter that my Mum had dreamed off. She wanted a daughter that would go on shopping trips and try on clothes. I actually can’t think of anything worse than a shopping trip.

I’m totally an online shopper. Shops frustrate me. There’s changing room queues, there’s people that stop for no reason that you almost bump into, there’s kids running around and I always get too hot and end up with a headache.

I’m not really a people person. Or a shopping person. Or the type of person that shows emotions and feelings. I know my indifference to everything frustrates my Mum. I’d even say it upsets her.

I’m an independent lady, you see. As soon as I left home, I never looked back. I am self-sufficient and can go months without speaking to my family and friends.


My Mum puts up with me, though. She put’s up with me living so far away, with me hardly visiting home, with me sometimes being hard to get a hold off.

There are very few things that are constant and stable in my life. But my Mum is one of those things. I know most people say that their Mum is the best Mum in the world, but everyone else is wrong. I know people who prefer my Mum to their own. It’s no contest really. She’s just better.

She’s the Mum that will spend a weekend at my brothers house and look after their three kids so my Brother and his wife can visit London. She’s the Mum that went and helped my cousin with his 6 kids when his wife died. She’s the Mum that takes chances on people and sees nothing but good in them.

That’s why she’s the best.

Parkdean Holiday Parks are holding a competition to win a 3 or 4 night break at one of their holiday parks for your mum.

All you need to do is enter via this link and share what makes your Mum one in a million. The competition ends on the 15th March.

So do share with me, what’s special about your Mum?

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  1. Corinne you are a lucky girl with mum like yours. Mine is wonderful too, she is my best friend. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post and remind me to say thank you for everything to my lovely mother. Happy weekend and all the best!

  2. Aw! Corrine you’re blessed with a kind mom. You’re different but that’s alright and I bet she must be so proud of it. Even if she doesn’t say it x

  3. Your mom has a big heart she also very pretty. This will be perfect for her to get. My mom is the best listener and she respect her kids decision in everything as long it is positive.

  4. Mom’s are great! Although me and my mom argue a lot, we’re stlll best friends who likes to watch movies together

  5. You have a beautiful mother! I think the competition is great <3 It's always nice to treat your mom every now and then.

  6. It’s funny, I didn’t realize that mother’s day was a different date in the UK than the US and I’ve been scrambling to think of a present for my mom. Luckily I have 2 more months!

  7. Aw what a special mom you have! Thanks for sharing all the trouble she went through. Hope you win/she wins.
    Garay Treasures

  8. You’re mum sounds amazing! I’d be lost without my mum, we didn’t always get along as I was growing up but things have gotten better now and we have a really close relationship these days. She’s the one I ring when anything goes wrong at home, when my toilet it making a funny noise or I can’t get stain out of my favourite dress, she always has the answer. She spoils me and even though I don’t live at home anymore, every time I go to see her she sends me home with little care packages lol, and by little, it’s usually 2-3 carrier bags haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. I’m surprised agree on some aspects in personality, because I over the years have been losing the ability to get excited or surprised by things other people make you happy, for example I have a blogger friend and when we go to an event and see a character in the tv gets so excited that you want to take a picture with him, I am also a frequent online shopper like you! Well unlike you I am more attached to my mom could not stay long away from her beautiful story about his mother.

  10. Aww Corinne
    such a lovely post and loved those pics ..
    Ya MUMs are the best in the whole world …yours or mine ….

  11. A lovely post, it is very easy to take our loved ones for granted but they are the ones there through it all Lucy x

  12. lovely post! Think you’re my spirit animal (welll, kindred spirit seeing as you arent an animal!) because i’m an online shopper too. I hate shops.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever been called someones spirit animal before! But I’ll take it, I guess.

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