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Lollipops Eyeliner // Close your eyes and go dancing


Remember how much I bummed that Essence eyeliner? Well, after using it for months and months without it going dry, I lost it! Idiot.

I got this eye pencil by Lollipops Makeup in my November Glossybox and thought it was time to break it out.

Lollipops Eyeliner

The Lollipops Eyeliner Pen is a pencil liner that has a twist up.. erm.. contraption? No need to sharpen, which is good, because I always lose my sharpener. Or the pencil breaks and I end up scratching my eye on the wood of the pencil.

I have the black, or Goodbye Moon, shade which is just the one I would get.

The packaging is easy to use. But it’s a bit chavy. Like, pink leopard print? The rest of the Lollipops range has really cute packaging, but this just looks a bit cheap. Unless you’re a fan of animal prints. Which I am in small doses. I have some pink leopard print running pants. I’ll shut up now.

Lollipops Eyeliner

It’s dead easy to use and it applies well. There’s nothing worse than a black eyeliner that doesn’t apply well and ends up look grey and smudged!

I’ve been using the daily since I lost my beloved Essence liner about a month ago. It stays on throughout the day and survives most workouts after work. So that’s always a plus.

Lollipops Eyeliner Close your eyes and go dancing Lollipops Eyeliner Close your eyes and go dancing

What eyeliner do you use?


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