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Lollipops Eyeliner // Close your eyes and go dancing

Remember how much I bummed that Essence eyeliner? Well, after using it for months and months without it going dry, I lost it! Idiot. I…



Remember how much I bummed that Essence eyeliner? Well, after using it for months and months without it going dry, I lost it! Idiot.

I got this eye pencil by Lollipops Makeup in my November Glossybox and thought it was time to break it out.

Lollipops Eyeliner

The Lollipops Eyeliner Pen is a pencil liner that has a twist up.. erm.. contraption? No need to sharpen, which is good, because I always lose my sharpener. Or the pencil breaks and I end up scratching my eye on the wood of the pencil.

I have the black, or Goodbye Moon, shade which is just the one I would get.

The packaging is easy to use. But it’s a bit chavy. Like, pink leopard print? The rest of the Lollipops range has really cute packaging, but this just looks a bit cheap. Unless you’re a fan of animal prints. Which I am in small doses. I have some pink leopard print running pants. I’ll shut up now.

Lollipops Eyeliner

It’s dead easy to use and it applies well. There’s nothing worse than a black eyeliner that doesn’t apply well and ends up look grey and smudged!

I’ve been using the daily since I lost my beloved Essence liner about a month ago. It stays on throughout the day and survives most workouts after work. So that’s always a plus.

Lollipops Eyeliner Close your eyes and go dancing Lollipops Eyeliner Close your eyes and go dancing

What eyeliner do you use?



  1. I tend to use liquid eyeliner more than pencil, since I think pencil eyeliner smudges more! To each their own i guess!

    Personally, I love the pink leopard print! 😀
    Olivia xx

  2. Oh I really dread having panda eyes when I put black eyeliner on. Recently I have been using liquid liner, Browlash waterproof liquid liner. So far so good! 🙂

  3. this sounds quite nice! i’ve been using an old maxfactor eyeliner pencil a lot lately instead of my trusty liquid eyeliner:-) makes for a nice change. xx

  4. I bought a loreal magique kajal and it’s been my best purchase in eye make up. It doesn’t smudge and works well for both eye liner and eye pencil x

  5. Sounds like a good replacement for your Essence eyeliner. I use a Chanel cake liner that is applied with a brush.

  6. This looks really nice on you! I’m actually trying to get the hang of kohl eyeliner, I’ve never been able to make it look good on my eyes. And god yeah there is nothing worse than flaky grey eyeliner!!

    P.S your last comment made me lol xx

    The Persephone Complex

  7. Pencil eyeliner never seems to stay on for me, might have to give this a try. Especially as there’s no need for a sharpener

    Rebecca || Rebecca Marie | UK Lifestyle Blog
    Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest xxx

  8. I’m using a MAC gel liner at the moment as my beloved l’oreal liquid one has run out and I really can’t justify buying any more until I’ve used up some of my stash!

  9. I’m also not a fan of the packaging, but the product itself certainly seems to be doing what it says on the tin! I’ve been loyal to Lancome’s eyeliner for a while now, but I’m always open to looking at new eyeliners in the future! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  10. What a great name for a product the fact that you can wind it up I love. The ones you sharpen does my head in as i never have a sharpener to hand to sharpen Lucy x

  11. Lollipops is such a cute brand name! ^^ I’m all about the crayon from Korean/Japanese make-up brands. And Maybelline’s Hypersharp liquid liner aaaaand, anything MAC. Obvs.

  12. GREAT make up:) I wish you a cosy and fun weekend.

    Check out my new post…10 cute easy easter ideas:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

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