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How to be impulsive (in a good way)

Are you an Impulsista? I consider myself to be quite an impulsive person. I’m an impulsive shopper and decision maker, that’s for sure. I go…


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Are you an Impulsista?

I consider myself to be quite an impulsive person. I’m an impulsive shopper and decision maker, that’s for sure. I go from not being bothered by something, to being quickly obsessed about it. I guess you could say I’m an Impulsista.

Diet Coke has launched a campaign, Regret Nothing, to inspire women to embrace their impulsive side.

Being impulsive can be viewed as being a negative quality, but Diet Coke think it can lead to positive experiences and new adventures.

The Impulsista is a modern, successful woman who embodies impulsivity. She knows what she wants and acts on her impulses to create positive experiences, adventures and opportunities for success. She is building herself, through her friends, her love life, her career and her style. She has a playful and purposeful approach to life and is confident to try out different parts of herself and see what sticks. She’s a glorious work-in-progress.

Research results
  • Three out of 10 women only do something out of their comfort zone a few times a year.
  • Six out of ten fear taking risks in their careers.
  • A quarter of women want to be more spontaneous.
  • The average women has 5 major regrets in life.
  • 6 out of 10 would do things differently if they had the chance again.

Top 5 regrets for women:

  • Not trying hard enough at school
  • Not losing weight on a diet
  • Choosing the wrong career path
  • Not getting on the property ladder
  • Spending a night with someone I shouldn’t

So starting from today, let’s regret nothing. Let’s be impulsive. Let’s view our lives as a massive adventure, a roller coaster, a chance to explore.

We’re all just winging it, at the end of the day.


The Beta Girl knows it’s okay to learn from mistakes. She’s innovative, takes chances and is creative!

Tips for being impulsive in the work place:

  • Speak your mind when you feel it’s right. It can be scary to speak up to your boss or a colleague who has a lot of authority in your workplace, but sometimes you need to say when you disagree with something or believe that someone was wrong. Don’t just go with the flow out of fear.
  • Be fearless and daring. Try new things, do things in new ways and focus on trail and error. You never know what might come of it!
  • Trust your instincts. It’s better to trust in yourself and go for it, rather than look back in regret at a missed opportunity.
  • Ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? I have started doing this a lot in my own place of work. Most of the time, the worst thing that will happen is that I’ll look a bit daft, but I’ll get over it.


The fashion fixer knows what she likes and what she’s comfortable in. There’s been so many times when I’ve gone for style over comfort and I always regret it. If I don’t feel like me, I lose a bit of my spark. I withdraw and don’t let myself go as much.

Tips for being impulsive in fashion.

  • Let your body guide you: if it feels right it is right. If something feels awkward when you wear it or makes you feel self-conscious, leave it at home.
  • Fashion is from the gut: what suits, delights and expresses me. Wear what you want to wear. You know what suits you, you know what flatters your figure and makes the most of you assets more than anyone else!
  • Be your own tastemaker. Base what looks good on your based on how confident you are in it. Again, it comes down to being comfortable and not always wanting to check the mirror, pull your skirt down or check your stomach looks okay.
  • Practice self-approval. You might be your own worst critic, but also be your own biggest fan. Your opinion on your outfit matters more than anyone else’s.


The Pop Up friend doesn’t see people as strangers, but sees them as a potential to a whole new world of experience and adventure. You don’t know what another person can bring to your life without taking that chance to get to know them.

Being open to new friendships, as well as being spontaneous with your existing ones can open up endless possibilities.

Tips for being impulsive in friendships.

  • Start small. If you’re not a confident person, simply saying hello to someone, catching someones eye, asking a simple question can be a great starting point.
  • Embrace novelty. Doing something new, with someone new, who is also doing something new, is a great way to discover a new self.
  • Fast-forward to deep meaningful experiences. With todays technology and social media, it can be so much easier to get to know somebody. You don’t have to slowly uncover personalities layer by layer, but you can jump straight in.
  • Be a stickle brick – expanding your cultural surface area. It’s so easy to network with new people in 2015. You don’t need anything other than an internet connection and the willingness to connect to new people through social media, or other sites.

how to be impulsive

The Flame is willing to try new things and sees dating and romance as a journey. You might meet The One, or your journey might continue a litter longer than you had expected. The trick is to enjoy the journey, enjoy single life, say YES more and see what happens!

Tips for being impulsive in relationships:

  • Treat dates as an opportunity to meet. Thinking of a date as a date is scary. It puts a lot of pressure on both parties. Because essentially, you go on a date to see if you can see a future with this person. Just think of it as an opportunity to meet a new person instead.
  • Be an agent not a passive player. Go out and get what you want. Don’t wait to be asked to dance, go ask him (or her!).
  • Choose investors not spenders. Pick a partner that invests their time in you, wants to know you, wants to introduce you to friends and family.
  • Edit out the stress. Talking to your friends about your work frustrations rather than your partner can keep your relationships healthy and positive.
  • Be adventurous. New experiences prevent relationships becoming boring. I always think it’s best to try something new together to keep things exciting. Or to have your own hobbies that you do separately, but gives new topics to discuss together.

How impulsive are you?

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  1. This is so great! I am one of those people who don’t be impulsive though I try but sometimes I am afraid to take the risk. But I feel like I should really break out and do something fun!!


  2. Great post! I wouldn’t say I’m that impulsive, def not an impulsive shopper, but i’m good at making decisions 🙂 I’d like the opportunity to be more spontaneous I don’t feel there is much chance at the moment in my life xo

  3. I’m hardly impulsive at all and I think I probably fit the research of doing something impulsive just a few times a year.

  4. Hi Corinne, this is my first visit to your site. I’d love you to come and check out my latest post! I have only ONE regret in life (and I’ve made …. oh let’s just say MYRIAD mistakes in my time) – my one regret is ever starting smoking! That’s it – if I could have my time again, I would make all the other stupid decisions all over again (not wanting to upset the contiuum) but I would never, ever pick up a damn cigarette. I’ve been smoke free since 2006 but as you can tell, it still grates!

  5. I’m not really at all impulsive in some areas of life, but probably too much so in others. I need to learn to find my middle ground!

  6. Oh gosh, if I could turn back the time, there would be so many things that I would change! I’ll not binge drink so much that part of my 20s is still a blur to me until today. Ugh!

    I would say I am pretty impulsive, especially in conversation. There are too many times the words that should have remained inside my head came out of my mouth…it wasn’t pretty. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. This was very inspiring! I really hope I will have less than 5 major regrets in my life 🙂

    Bella Pummarola

  8. this is actually a pretty cool post! first thing that came to mind when I read “what’s the worst that can happen” in the workplace is that I’d get fired.. lol I definitely have been more careful, but I do speak up when it really bothers me to the point that I can’t sleep peacefully at night.

  9. Being impulsive is difficult I go through phases. Great tips though to help come out of our comfort zones which is probably the biggest reason we fail at being impulsive Lucy x

  10. Nope! I am a creature of habit and content. I suppose I’d like to be about to go out and do something at a moment’s notice, but that’s my only issue. It comes in handy when shopping, I really rarely pick up something that I haven’t researched the b’jasus out of!

  11. I LOVE this! What a cool campaign. The ones I need to get better at are; trust your instincts and practice self approval.

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