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#FOTD // Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow


I got this Marsk mineral eyeshadow in my February Glossybox.

It would be perfect if it wasn’t called Fifty Shades.

I don’t know why they would ruin a perfectly good product by naming it by such a poorly written book. Yick.

I’m guessing that over the next few years, we’re going to be subjected to more and more grey things that are somehow named or related to the book. I could just stay inside my man cave until then. Or  I could get over it.

DSC_0553 DSC_0558

This mineral powder-based eyeshadow is so pigmented. It’s also very metallic and reflects a lovely silver when caught in the right light.

I’m a bit scared of dark eyeshadows, because I’m quite fair, I don’t think it suits me that much. But using a lighter shade with it to tone it down seems to cure that problem.


Enter this palette. Which I probably should chuck away because I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for over 2 years. I found it on Amazon and it’s full of bright, colourful, shimmery shades.

Don’t be fooled by the price, it’s highly pigmented. And lasts a long time. I wouldn’t have thought something so cheap could have given such a great colour payoff.

The packaging looks naff and cheap. It feels naff and cheap. But the colours themselves are fantastic. I’m kind of talking myself into doing a post about it where I swatch all the colours now, haha!

DSC_0566 DSC_0580

Anyway, I used the Fifty Shades in the outer corners and the white and silver shade out of the Saffron palette to tone it down a bit. I like the end result, what do you think?



If you want to check out the Saffron palette for yourself, just click the image below to view it on Amazon. It is an affiliate link, so if you buy it I’ll earn a small percentage of the profit.


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