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Fitness Update

About four weeks ago, I posted a fitness update to let you all know how I have been doing with my fitness goals. I did…



About four weeks ago, I posted a fitness update to let you all know how I have been doing with my fitness goals. I did this as most of you don’t read or follow my fitness blog, but there was plenty of positive feedback so I thought I’d do another monthly update.



  • I finally managed to get my crow pose in yoga! It still hurts to do it, but I can do it!
  • I got a PB in my 5k and 10k run, which is great because I never thought I’d get faster!
  • I wrote a roundup of my most recent snowboarding lesson.
  • I’ve been adding peanut butter to my smoothies for an extra protein boost.
  • I’ve been using this new hydration drink on my long runs that’s specifically for women.
  • I’ve been learning about the benefits of beetroot.
  • I’ve been trying new supplements from Indigo Herbs.
  • I’ve been sick and frustrated about not being able to exercise.
  • I’ve signed up to a half-marathon in May!

Please do let me know if you have any fitness related posts, as I would love to leave them, so link ’em below!

How do you keep fit?

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  1. Congratulations! I think it`s so cool you signed up for a marathon, good luck! I don`t really like to exercise, but I know it`s good for your health, so this year I`m trying to be more active.

  2. Great idea to share how you’re doing on your blog – I feel like it would really keep you motivated!
    Olivia x

  3. Snowboarding session, that sounds amazing! Love how you’re doing loads of different bits and pieces to keep fit so it doesn’t get boring! I used to be able to do crow pose and then slowly move into a headstand – definitely need to get back into yoga! Well done!

  4. You doing great never give up before you know it you will be ready for your marathon best of luck.

  5. Congrats on your PB Corinne! I really need to start running home once it warms up a bit

  6. That crow! I’d love to get into that position, I really want to spend more time on my Yoga practice, right now I’m only doing less than a hour a week, I’m never going to see the results I want with that, but I’m trying to squeeze so many other things in!

    Aghh if only we didn’t need to sleep!

    Can’t wait to see how you get on in May, you’re going to kick half-marathon ass!

    Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

  7. Great post! I think I should start doing these just to keep me motivated! I’m going to do a half marathon too later this year! Well done on achieving so much this month ๐Ÿ™‚

    Becca xx

  8. I’ve always loved the thought of yoga. My mom did yoga years ago. I think I even have one of her books in storage. I’m not really on the thinner side, but worth a shot huh? All I can do is get stuck!

  9. I love that you’re blogging your fitness progress! I’d imagine it’s a great way to stay accountable to your goals! I’m planning on charting my fitness progress this spring / summer as well.. it’s scary because I’m afraid if I fail, I’ll.. well… be a failure. lol! Wish me luck?? –

  10. Congratulations on doing the yoga pose! And well done on the personal best, that’s amazing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. You have done so well sticking with your health and fitness. Well done on getting the Crow pose over time hopefully the pain will ease Lucy x

  12. Half a marathon? Woah! Good for you! Your workout schedule sounds incredible. I need to get back on track asap!

  13. I can’t believe i’ve only just discovered your blog! Your fitness posts are amazing, this year i decided enough was enough and i really needed to get into shape. Your posts are really inspirational! I have recently started a posted about my fitness journey, so hopefully i can encourage people to start theirs. I love it if you could check it out and leave some feedback! Thanks so much

  14. Yoga is so awesome for strength isn’t it? I learnt crow pose recently and it makes me feel so strong! Well done. xx


  15. I’ve been trying to start an exercise regime but have had a series of colds which have stopped me. Fail.

    Lizzie Dripping

  16. So marvellous, am glad you’re doing so well and feeling great!! That’s super!! Keeping fit isn’t always so easy, but you are doing fab. xx

  17. Wow, you are really applying yourself and very thorough in your health and fitness endeavors! Your regimen has clearly yielded excellent results. You look both fit and fetching. Kudos for your successful fitness efforts.

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