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How I edit my blog photos


When taking blog photos, you should always aim to use the correct settings on your camera so you don’t need to edit once it’s uploaded.

Oh, okay. About that. Although I’m a lot better at using my camera than I was a year go, I’m not a professional photographer.

I’m just a girl living in England, where it’s sunny one minute and raining the next. I’m at a constant battle with natural light, rain, and dark, wintery evenings. So fuck that no editing shit. Sometimes it’s gotta be done.

Until about a year ago, I would upload raw photos straight onto my blog. Without even re-sizing or anything. Now, after reading thousands of blogs and writing hundreds of posts, I’ve started to get a feel for the type of photos I like.

So I edit them. So they’re like the type of photos I like. I wish I could edit other parts of my life like I can photos. It’d edit a smaller bottom and bigger lips. Winner.

When I upload my photos onto my computer, I sometimes adjust the levels, brightness, contrast and sharpness in iPhoto. Only a little tweak is needed with most photos.

But sometimes more drastic measures need to be taken. So I turn to PicMonkey.

PickMonkey is a free and easy web based photo editor.

All you do, is upload your photo, edit it, then download it to your computer again.

I have examples and everything. Woo.

How I edit photos.

Example 1.

The original photo:

The original Photo

In the below photo I clicked Auto Adjust to let PicMonkey do the work. This is an autocorrector that sometimes gets it very right, but sometimes can get it very wrong! In this case, it did a good job.


In the next photo, I increased the sharpness. This is good if you want to make parts of the photo clearer. It also can save you having to re-take photos if they’re slightly out of focus:


In this next photo, I reverted it back to the original, then I increased the brightness and applied one of the many filters. The one I like is one I use the most and is called Tranquil:


The main reason I use PicMonkey is when my photos look dull. I like photos to look bright, airy and crisp. My most used features on PicMonkey are:

  • Auto Adjust.
  • Adjusting exposure (shadows, highlights, contrast, brightness.
  • Colour (saturation and temperature – especially for food photos).
  • Sharpen.
  • Filters (mainly Tranquil, Dusk and Intrepid).

Example 2.

The next example is a simple, quick edit. I wasn’t happy with the dullness on the photo, so adjusted the exposure to get the type of photo I was happy with.

You can easily change an okay photo into a pretty decent one..


Example 3.

This next example is a pretty terrible photo. The sun was being a dick that day.

It kept coming out then going behind a cloud. Ideally, I would have like to have taken these photos again, but it’s not always an option.

I managed to take the awful photo to something blog worthy. Though the outcome is a bit grainy, I do like it. Grainy is a bit bloggy, don’t you think?


Best thing to do is have a play around and see what type of features work for you. Not everyone likes the same type of editing and some people don’t like to edit photos at all. The important thing is to just have fun.

When you’ve got a photo that you’re proud of and can’t wait to publish on your blog, that’s when you know it’s right for you.

How do you edit your blog photos?

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