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Degustabox March 2015 // The Easter Box


I was lucky enough to be at home the day my March Degustabox was delivered. There is nothing more DOOM than missing a parcel. So that was exciting.

This box contains a few Easter treats when I can’t wait to lay into. Let’s see what arrived in the March Degustabox, shall we?



I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’m guessing the brand is popular in Germany as the bottle was all in German! There was a leaflet with it that translated everything to English.

BBQ sauce has such a strong taste. I generally mix it with mayo to make the most delicious creamy sauce to dip pizza crusts in.

This sauce is great for barbecues, marinades and dips. Did someone say barbecues? HELLO SPRING!


Kent’s Kitchen Posh Noodles

Kent's Kitchen Posh Noodles

Kent’s Kitchen Noodles are a great snack for on the go. They’re low in fat and all you do is pour boiling water on them like you would a pot noodle. Winner.


Brioche Pasquier Baked Bread Bites

Brioche Pasquier Baked Bread Bites

AREN’T BEACON FLAVOURED THINGS THE BEST? There truly are. And thankfully, most are suitable for vegetarians.

These are like bacon flavour croutons for snacking. Oh, my beating heart.

50p each.

Lindt Lindor Assorted Mini Eggs

Lindt Lindor Assorted Mini Eggs

I remember when Lindor chocolates first came out in the UK and everyone went mental over them. Since then, that golden chocolate bunny has been somewhat of an icon around Easter.

These bags are an assortment of milk, white and chocolate eggs. These + coffee = heaven.

£2.00 each.

Bassetts Jelly Babies and Maynards Sour Patch Kids

Bassetts Jelly Babies and Maynards Sour Patch Kids

I can’t eat these because they contain infants. Actually no, that’s a lie. No children were harmed in the making of these products, it’s just the name that makes that confusing. But they do have gelatin in them.

All is not lost though, as it meant I got to pop a post-it note on them and write a cute note to my housemate as a surprise.

The berry mix is basically my dream. All the best flavours – blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry. While the sour patch kids are sour sweets of 6 different flavours.

£1.48/ Jelly babies
£1.00/ Sour Patch Kids

Natvia Sweetner

Natvia Sweetner

This is a naturally sourced alternative to sweetener. It’s got no calories per serving and is low in GI. I don’t really use sugar that much so I’m not sure if/when I’ll use this. Possibly with breakfast.




JuiceBurst has a range of 15 different flavours and even 3 skinny drinks which have lower calories.

They contain real fruit juice which means you get all that fruity goodness!


Crabbie’s Fruits

Crabbie's Fruits

I love Crabbies drinks. Mainly their ginger beers. So tasty!

This new range has three flavours. They have 4% alcohol, 10% natural fruit juice (to cancel out the alcohol :p) and no artificial colours of flavouring.

£1.50 each.

Jordans Granola

Jordans Granola

Hi hi. I love Granola! This new granola has less fat in than the original version. It’s not been taken out through processing, but they’ve changed their recipe in the field and used natural ingredients. Which is a relief.

Most low fat products are just processed more to remove the fat which I hate the thought of!

I love how they quote It’s light done right. Brilliant.


Degustabox March 2015

I’m happy to see a great range of products this month. Healthy products are always a win with me and I’m sure my housemate will the sweets.

I’m excited to try the granola, I love the bacon bread bites and the drinks are going to be perfect refreshment after a long run!

You can get your own box from Degustabox with a £3 off, by entering my discount code: AFDJU

Just go to the Degustabox site and enter the code at the checkout! Full price is £12.99 per box. Postage and packaging is free.

What would you like to try the most?

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