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#socialbloggers 51 // Working with Brands

Working with brands can seem exciting, but it’s not always as it seems. When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know bloggers got sent…



Working with brands can seem exciting, but it’s not always as it seems.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know bloggers got sent free things! I imagined larger bloggers who blogged full time would, but not hobby bloggers. It didn’t take me long to realise that you didn’t need thousands of followers and daily pageviews to start having things sent for you. Sweet.

I probably would have accepted anything when I first started, I was so excited/proud/honoured.

I see things a bit different now. I see working with brands as getting content for my blog. I post every single day and without working with PR’s, I probably would struggle to get ideas for content daily.

I know the blogging world is full of advice that says you should only accept work with brands that are within your niche, but sometimes it’s good to break out of the box, don’t you think?

I’ve done sponsored posts or reviews for things outside my usual content because I’ve found it interesting. It’s got me thinking creatively and I’ve really enjoyed writing such posts. I always find it fun to relate a topic I wouldn’t have thought to write about to me and mould it into something that works.

The other big debate is working for free vs asking for a fee. I always ask for a budget unless I’m being sent something. Sometimes they have a budget, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they never reply back to me.

When a brand says they have no budget but asks if I would still like to work with them, my answer depends on what else they can offer me. I ask myself things like:

  • Will they give me a social media shoutout/link or mention on their site?
  • Can I create an interesting, unique, or fun post?
  • Could this open up future opportunities?
  • Would this post benefit my audience?
  • Is this for a good cause?
  • Is it a brand I love.

I don’t see any shame in getting benefits from blogging. I don’t think it means I’m less passionate, it doesn’t make blogging a chore and after all the time I plough into my blog, paying for hosting, domain name, props and equipment, why shouldn’t I?

What’s your thoughts?

Q1: What kind of brand/blog you prefer to work with? Or you say yes to everything?

Q2: tell us your dream company with whom you’d definitely like to collaborate with someday?


Q3: What might be the reason you recently said yes/no to a brand or blogger in collaboration?




  1. I think any blogger should be careful in choosing the brands. I’m just developing my blog even if I’ve started it a few years ago and I’ve started to receive offers. Didn’t work with a brand so far, but I would in the future.

    I’ve unfollowed a blogger who was writing about the stuff she was getting to promote… in every single post… for about 3 months. She was posting 2-3 times a week and only to promote something. I felt I was watching the blogging equivalent of a TV advert on repeat.
    There has to be a balance and she was the only one that I’ve seen doing that. Working with brands and getting paid (or free stuff) it’s great and it’s nice for the readers to see new products or services.

  2. I love love working with brands, it’s so much fun!! As long as its a brand I personally would buy from or like, then I will work with them. I don’t see the point in trying to sell something to my readers that I don’t like myself. Pending on what it is and if I feel my readers would like it, then I might do it any ways, but so far nothing like that has come up. It gives you something to learn as well, business wise, so I enjoy working with brands. xx

  3. Such a great post! Now I only work with brands I’m curious about or that I think it’s appropriated with my audience, I wasn’t that careful before!

  4. This looks like a great chat. I totally agree theres nothing wrong with getting something back for your time and I think any PR will understand that. I’ve had people be so judging with me when I say I’d like to work with more brands on my blog in future but I agree, I view it as more content, I don’t have unlimited resources to spend on trying new products to review and I’ve always turned stuff down if it doesn’t fit or I wouldn’t really use it 🙂 x

  5. I missed this chat, boo! 🙁

    I think there are some bloggers who will work with every brand and everyone that comes knocking on their door. All of us would love working with a brand, I personally think it means that our blog is doing something right that a brand wants to work with us but we must be careful and selective or it’ll be a huge turnoff for readers.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. I never did a collab cause it’s never completly my universe proposed, but maybe one day… And I hope it’d be a good experience…

  7. I have only really just started so never had the opportunity, but I would only work with a brand if it reflected my blog xo

    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. I do not mind doing on or two but some brands like to take advantage, I also do my homework before accepting if they scam customer I dd not do business with them. (no post today)

  9. I try to only work with brands I respect, and not with brands just for the sake of things. That said, I always try to mention shops etc. that I actually go to in my post and disclose when it’s sponsored.

    Lizzie Dripping

  10. such a cool post ! I love to read and to learn new stuff about sponsoring, I didn’t knew before. I will absolutely save this for later and reread it few more times :))

  11. Hi Corinne, quite a while’m accepting work with brands, online stores or products that fit the content of my blog, I’m a freelance designer, housewife, mother of two children and fashion blogger and see my radio option is fairly wide and my blog is not only fashionable lifestyle also, whenever I make a profit brands are welcome. Kisses and happy start of week.

  12. I’ve only ever been approached via email from weird startup software/app companies and I’m like “What’s in it for me?”
    If my favourite clothing /shoe store hit me up I would be in with a grin! I suppose it just depends on your audience – mine is Europe and USA but I’m based in NZ… I love what your’e doing with your twitter talks and blogging tip posts, interesting to read everyone’s perspective, especially when you start recognizing the user names 🙂

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  13. I enjoy working with brands, but lately, I’ve received so many emails from brands that have nothing to do with my blog… My dream collaboration would be working with a heritage brand like Coach 🙂

  14. Great chat as usual. Working with brands can be great but there is also a downside. My advise is never accept anything that you wouldn’t use yourself or don’t believe in. Otherwise the post is soulless and people see through it. Lots of great suggestions Lucy x

  15. I think it’s awesome that companies want to use your blog to promote – what a compliment!! Maybe one day I’ll get to that level 🙂
    I’d just be so flattered to be asked I wouldn’t even care what the product was! To me it would just mean someone sees potential in my blog… right???

  16. When bloggers approach bloggers, they want to see how much they can get from you at times. And then at times, they actually want a equal partnership from you. You definitely have to choose what works for you. This was a great article to read. Loved it.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  17. Gutted I missed this social bloggers chat. They are always good ones. I’ve only recently started working with brands and am loving it so far. Definitely helps to create more content when the bank account is low.

  18. Really enjoyed reading this post. My fashion & lifestyle blog will be 1 year old and just recently I started receiving emails from various brands that I had to say no to, only because of their content which doesn’t match my blog at all. I just now did a post for a free product, but it’s a product that I would buy by myself. I follow lots of blogs on Bloglovin and getting fed up with few ‘mummy’ bloggers promoting every single thing form decorating bathrooms, painting walls, doing theory test, sponsored park walks etc. In one week they got 27 posts which I can’t even bare. I think you have to choose what you would like to put into your own blog and not just blog fro freebies. That’s my point of view


  19. I feel like this is a great discussion point. Although I have never worked with a brand, I would love to if it were a brand that I genuinely liked in the first place. I’ve been on both sides, and feel that if they are sending you something for free then depending on how busy I am, or how much content I have, I would write a review for free. I feel like some bloggers are too popular or depend on blogging as their full time job since some bloggers won’t even write a review about a product they like -despite free product- if they don’t receive compensation! 

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