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#socialbloggers 49 // A year of commitment

Oh wow, the first #socialbloggers chat took place on 1st February 2014, which means that it’s a full year old! It doesn’t seem like a…


commitmentsOh wow, the first #socialbloggers chat took place on 1st February 2014, which means that it’s a full year old! It doesn’t seem like a full year since Noor and I started the chat. We hold the #socialbloggers chat every Saturday at 6pm GMT. There’s been 3 missed when I went on holiday in May, but apart from that, it’s been great.

I love how I’ve got a record of each chat to look back at too. You can view all the previous chats here.


As we were virtually high-fiving each other and celebrating our first birthday, we thought the topic of the chat should reflect the milestone we have just hit. So decided the topic should be commitment.

We are committed to many things in life, our blogs, our families, our relationships, our hobbies and our education. These commitments change throughout our lives and it’s always fun to hear what other people are currently working towards.

As I committed most of my 2014 to my blog, I wanted to commit 2015 to fitness. I want to be strong, healthy and have muscle definition – I would love to be confident enough to wear a bikini when I go on holiday in September!


I’m also working hard at my fitness blog in hope to build a community there like I have here. I find keeping a fitness blog helps me stay motivated with exercise and I’ve got into the habit of posting 3-4 times a week on there now!

What are you committed to?

Q1: Since we’ve been committed to this chat for a year now, what’s something you’ve been committed to,so far? A habit, goal?

Q2: What are some commitments you made for your blog?

Q3: What are some general commitments you made for 2015?



  1. Congrats on committing to this! I haven’t gotten the chance to join but it’s great that you have a community like this. My word of the year is ENJOY. I commit to enjoy my life this year and just take things one step at a time. Good luck on your fitness goals! 😉

  2. Congrats :)) This is super & I wish for more years to come 🙂 I have been committed to eating healthier and keeping with my exercise :))) x

  3. I love these posts, my favourite type, really interesting to see what everyone thinks. I made so many commitments this year but none have gone too well. The only successful commitment I have is really my blog. My main commitment to that this year is youtube.

  4. I first learn about the existence of Twitter blogger chats through you, Corinne and has since joined many. However, I have never managed to join this chat well, Saturday is usually family time but I have entered the time in my schedule so hopefully I’ll manage to join this coming chat. Will be fun!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Commitment to a goal definitely takes work but it’s so worth it when the hard work pays off. Happy 1st birthday #socialbloggers chat!

  6. What a commitment! Congrats for sticking through it – seems like you’re really enjoying it too! GOSH blogging is such an amazing thing and really opens life up to you!!

    Hope you have another year of chats and amazing blog memories ahead xxx


  7. I’ve been committed to my blog for a full year now, and i’m really proud of myself, I usually give up quickly. Now I’ve decided to commit myself to a healthier lifestyle, I hope I’ll stay on my path!!! 😉 xo


    Have you got any more info on #socialbloggers? I don’t think I’ve heard of it before… Could I join?

    Little Moon Elephant

  9. congarts on your anniversary !! and I’m wondering about same stuff like the girl above me 😀 (Amy-Anne Williams) hah 😀

  10. I had so much fun taking part in that chat. I like reading your overviews because it goes by so fast it is easy to miss good comments. This year I am committed to my blog and to improving all aspects of my health. Blogging already makes me happier so the first goal is helping the second.

  11. Such a shame I missed this weeks chat, I’d have loved celebrating #socialbloggers 1st birthday with you! You’ve done so well in keeping the chat going this long and building the community to go with it!

    As commitments go, I’m trying to commit/challenge myself to one thing each month of 2015, from blogging to fitness, money saving and whatever else I can come up with! So far one month down and complete, just 11 more to go! Eek!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  12. Well done on running the social bloggers for a year, I know how much effort goes into it and I really enjoy reading the chats Lucy x

  13. Amazing, congrats guys! I’m looking forward to taking part in the next #socialbloggers chat.

    As a beginner, I haven’t quite had chance to commit to anything blog-related yet, but I’ve definitely stepped up my fitness game!

    Congratulations to everyone else too, for all the amazing commitments you’ve made! 🙂


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